Doublelift Retiring, A Look Back At His Great Career

Another one bites the dust. Doublelift retiring was announced on Twitter by simply saying that he would be stepping away from pro-play. While I wouldn’t say this was expected by any means I kind of just had the feeling. With Bjergsen leaving you could almost feel it in the air. With so much time in the league let’s take a look back at what Doublelift retiring really means for the scene.

With an overall %62 win rate throughout his career Double has seen his fair share of winning. It didn’t necessarily start off that way though. Doublelift actually started his professional career as a support player. For a while there was also tons of memes talking about “Doublelift’s trophy case” as he didn’t have any trophies to show for his work. That changed and in a big way. Doublelift leaves the LCS with 8 LCS Championships, 5 LCS All-Star appearances, 5 LCS All-Pro first team awards, and finally one of few in the 1,000 Career Kill Club.

Doublelift’s footprint left on the LCS and league as a whole is undeniable. From his trash talk, to play in numerous international events Doublelift has been in countless amounts of headlines for League. While he will never be forgotten he does have to be replaced. TSM is now without an ADC and we can only hold our breath while they try to fill the enormous void that is being left with the news of Doublelift retiring.

Ironically for me, a name that comes to mind is Sneaky. Sneaky said he wanted to come back into the LCS and as of now hasn’t signed with any team. While this could be one option I am more of a fan of signing a young new player. With an organization like TSM, there is no telling what a player can become. Add in the fact you have the best Mid-liner of all time in the LCS with Bjergsen as your new head coach and the potential could be limitless. That’s why I think you should go for a young player with a chance to grow.

In Other News

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Zach Yagle

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