E3 2021 May Go Digital

E3 2021 will hopefully be a bright spot for gamers in the new year, but we could it be going digital?

Like plenty of other things, E3 2020 was canceled. While it did suck not to get the huge event we know and love, many companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo held digital events themselves. There were even small digital events for games by themselves such as Resident Evil Village’s “Resident Evil Showcase.”

A proposal from the Entertainment Software Association reportedly shows plans for a three-day livestream E3 taking place June 15-17, according to Video Games Chronicles Monday. The ESA did already confirm changes were going to be made for E3 2021 but the details of those changes has yet to be announced.

I for one am a fan of the idea of a digital E3 2021. With how everything has played out so far it is unclear if a big event of E3’s nature would be safe by June. Without question a ton of planning goes into these events and everyone wants the best output as possible. We will do our best to keep up with any updates that do come out about E3 2021 and let you all know as soon as we can. Stay safe and hopefully we can have big in-person events before too long.

In Other News

The new Amazon CEO says he is committed to making video games in the future which can only be good for gamers as a whole. EA also announced that they will be bringing back College Football in some form coming in the future as well.

Zach Yagle

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