LCS Power Rankings Week 1

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With some truly surprising results within the first week of LCS our power rankings have been shaken up a ton. Two of North America’s oldest and historically best teams went (0-2). While one new team went (2-0). Obviously the fact that only one full week of games has been played the standings could very well end up as we predicted originally. With the being said let’s take a look at how our LCS Power Rankings Week 1.

10. Golden Guardians (-1)

Nothing really to surprising here. Golden Guardians had a rough week 1. While one of their loses was to Cloud9, the guardians just really didn’t look good at all in their first two games. This team has a lot of room to improve which can both be good and bad. Going into week 2 the guardians need to show improvements from just about everyone. I would say look for the Golden Guardians to try and play through Hauntzer as much as possible this week as they try and pick up their first win.

Predicted record: 3-15 Actual record: 0-2

golden guardians logo

9. Immortals (+1)

Now I know what you’re thinking. How are you going to keep Immortals so low while there are two other teams without wins. Well let’s just be honest TSM looked lost in their win, but honestly so did the Immortals. The loss to FlyQuest also didn’t look good for them. The good news for the Immortals is yes they did get their first win and they have some positive points to look at.

Predicted record: 3-15 Actual record: 1-1

8. CLG (-3)

We did say hopefully they could start the split better this time around. Clearly that didn’t happen. I don’t even know where to start with CLG. Yes both teams they lost to started (2-0) but they just didn’t seem to have any communication. Split decisions left and right caused them to lose both games. I do expect this team to bounce back and pick up some wins soon, but until they do they will stay at the bottom of this tier list.

Predicted record: 10-8 Actual record: 0-2

7. TSM (-5)

You all are probably guessing why TSM is above Immortals but there’s actually a simple explanation. TSM may have gone (0-2) but they did manage to get a good lead on Team Liquid who is one of the best teams in the league. Obviously that alone doesn’t mean a lot, but when you take into account that TSM at least had one game where they showed promise you can better understand why they’re still at 7. Not only that but it was also made clear after the games that Bjergsen was apparently very sick. Expect TSM to come back swinging this week.

Predicted record: 12-6 Actual record: 0-2

6. 100 Thieves (=)

The Thieves are probably ok with their 1-1 start. There is still much to be learn on how Ry0ma will truly fit into this team, and that alone can change the teams fate. Nothing about this team really jumps out to me that they deserve to be any higher or lower on our LCS Power Rankings Week 1.

Predicted record: 9-9 Actual record: 1-1

100 thieves logo

5. Evil Geniuses (-2)

The Evil Geniuses looked much better in their second game of week 1. With that being said their first game left much to be desired. I personally was not happy with the decision to put Jiizuke on Azir. Svenskeren also didn’t really play all to well in game one either. After seeing game two I believe EG will make their way back up the power rankings, as long as Jiizuke is allow to play his game. He is a extremely explosive player and should be allowed if not set up to take over games.

Predicted record: 12-6 Actual record: 1-1

4. FlyQuest (+3)

POE made me eat my words. The FlyQuest mid lane played well in both games on Viktor and Rumble. While he wasn’t the only one to play well on the team, he is very much a big part of the teams success. Obviously Viper being able to play his famed Riven helped game one go by swimmingly for FlyQuest. All around the team played great. Every player stepped up and did their part. If they can continue to play at this level as a team there is no telling where they might end up.

Predicted record: 7-11. Actual record: 2-0

3. Team Liquid (-2)

Before we even get started here lets remember TL is playing with a jungler only just brought into the team. Shernfire played well enough in the place of Broxah, but he is no Broxah. Their loss also came from probably the best looking team in the league as of now. The only real question I have from this team is about Doublelift. He has clearly been the best ADC in NA for quite some time, but he didn’t look too convincing in the first two games. Game one against C9 should have been a very winnable lane for TL but they didn’t. I think it’s safe to assume he will turn it around and be dominate again but if he doesn’t that could spell some trouble for Team Liquid.

Predicted record: 13-3 Actual record: 1-1

2. Dignitas (+6)

As of now I am truly liking Dig. The team seems like it really could work regardless of what everyone thought about them. Not only do Huni and Froggen seem to be able to coexist, but Johnson also looks like a damn good ADC. Obviously it is still very early in the season but if the team can play well together now they can do it later in the season too. Only time will tell if they can stay at this level. There is also a huge step into legitimizing their spot at the top of the league with their game against Team Liquid this week. Depending on the outcome of that game Dignitas can either submit their spot at the top of the league or fall back down our LCS Power Rankings until proving themselves more.

Predicted record: 5-13. Actual record: 2-0

1. Cloud9 (+3)

Cloud9 might be the only team to look like they lost the offseason yet still manage to look so good. Zven looked to be very motivated and happy to be playing on C9. Blaber also played very well which can only feel good for C9 fans. This team is very capable of staying at number one throughout the rest of the season if they can keep the level of play the same. C9 were also lucky to get to play against Team Liquid while Broxah wasn’t with the team. That being said we won’t be sure until the next time these two teams play.

Predicted record: 11-7. Actual record: 2-0

c9 logo

Let us know who you think deserves to be number 1 and there on. We know you all probably have some different opinions on the rankings and we want to know. As always be sure to tell us what you think of our LCS Power Rankings Week 1. As well as be sure to check out the games live here. Finally don’t forget to check back every Thursday to see how our rankings change throughout the season.


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