LCS Preseason Power Rankings

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We here at Gamescoutr have always loved League of Legends and the competitive league that comes along with it. Big changes in the offseason may have a few people confused about where the teams might end up. So with the LCS season mere minutes away we thought we would give you our LCS power rankings going into day one.

10. Immortals

To start the list we have a team that shouldn’t surprise many people here. While the Immortals did get two great veteran players in Xmithie and sOAZ the problem we see for this team comes from the Mid and Bottom lane. With an unproven mid in Eika and an ADC (Altec) who didn’t even make an Academy team last season we just aren’t sure if their carries can really do the carrying.

Predicted record: 3-15

9. Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians aren’t in much better shape than the Immortals though. The same problem arises when we look at these two teams. The carry positions just aren’t really a sure thing. FBI and Goldenglue have both been around league for quite some time and seem to maybe be on their way out. I for one give have more hope for Goldenglue then most. The way this team can win is through there Mid and Top. Hauntzer is by far the best player on this roster and I think it will be mainly on him to make the team work.

Predicted record: 3-15

8. Dignitas

Dignitas is finally back in the LCS! We love to see this organization back in professional league. The team has strong points in Huni and Froggen, two players who have plenty of experience and talent to boot. The thing this team doesn’t have is a sure thing in the Jungle an ADC. Grig is still very unproven and Johnsun is completely new to the league. Hopefully, Aphromoo can make a triumphant return after his lackluster season last year.

Predicted record: 5-13

7. FlyQuest

This might be low for some people but I think FlyQuest belongs here at 7. PowerofEvil has always been a good Mid but with that being said the meta doesn’t really seem to fit his champion pool as of now. This team has the power to do some damage and make playoffs if POE can adapt to the meta or have the meta come back to him. I believe FlyQuest’s season really relies on him for both successes or lack thereof. He has a decent team around him but he is the real difference-maker in the team.

Predicted record: 7-11

6. 100 Thieves

Just like FlyQuest, I think 100 Thieves success and failure will come from the Mid lane. Ry0ma has a lot of expectations on him and that quite frankly can change how you play. The team does have a good roster still and I personally have faith in Cody Sun. Last year we saw this team fail due in most part to mid lane and I fear it could happen again.

Predicted record: 9-9

5. CLG

Now we finally get to the big boys. CLG still has a lot of ifs for the season but they do still have a good core that stayed with the team. Wiggily, Ruin, and Stixxay played well last season and I think it would be wrong to assume they wouldn’t play well again. They also made a big upgrade in Mid in the form of Crown. Hopefully, this team can start the split of better this time around.

Predicted record: 10-8

4. Cloud9

There are also a lot of ifs with C9. Blaber has a lot of pressure to maintain his limit play of last year. The synergy between Nisqy and Blaber will also play a big role in how well this team does. That’s not the only ifs though, Vulcan and Zven also really need to gel and quickly if this team wants to have a good season. I personally believe the team can play well and think Blaber will back his play from last year and be the reason they do.

Predicted record: 11-7

3. Evil Geniuses

While there are still questions revolving around EG the team just simply has great talent. The defending MVP Svenskeren is a big proponent for this. Svenskeren is poised to have another monster season and having names like Jiizuke and Bang make the ceiling for this team very high. Yes the pieces will need to gel but I believe they not only will but they will gel and become a very explosive team.

Predicted record: 12-6

2. TSM

TSM, in my opinion, doesn’t really have many ifs yes Dardoch has been a question mark in the past due to attitude problems. I personally have high hopes for this team and Dardoch himself. The Top and Mid lane for TSM are clearly a lock and the new bot lane looks a lot better for them now with Biofrost and Kobbe. Don’t expect TSM to miss worlds again. I wouldn’t be surprised to see TSM end the season at the top if Dardoch can be the player he can truly be.

Predicted record: 12-6

1. Team Liquid

With that being said no one should be too surprised to see the defending champs at number 1. They did make an upgrade at Jungle with the signing of Broxah once he finally makes it over to the US. They will stay at the top of this list until another team decides they want to be the best.

Predicted record: 13-3

As always be sure to tell us what you think of our LCS Power Rankings. As well as be sure to check out the games live here. Finally don’t forget to check back every Thursday to see how our rankings change throughout the season.


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