The Nether was once a realm riddled with adventure and curiosity for many Minecrafters. Over time, it’s kind of lost its appeal and ended up being a place not many people ventured in to.

This shiny new Minecraft Nether update gives the realm a fresh lick of paint.

The Nether update brings with it four colorful new Nether biomes, new creatures and residents, new flora, and many other exciting updates.

You’ll want to gather your friends or venture solo into the recently rejuvenated hellish landscape to see what’s new.

To get to the Nether, you’ll have to make an obsidian portal. Before, the Nether was mostly used to fight NPC fortresses and get some tasty loot.

Now, you’ll have the options to visit the blue fungal Warped Forest biome, the red fungal Crimson Forest, the isolated Soulsand Valley, and the mysterious Basalt Deltas.

Oh yeah, the Piglin call this place home, too. This pigmen NPC civiilzaiton don’t particularly like you unless you’re wearing gold armor.

Not to mention, massive lavawalking Striders reside in this realm. Rumor has it you can even ride them with a saddle!

As an introduction to the freshly-revamped Nether, Mojang gave us a free adventure map, Way of The Nether. This map sends gives the player the duty to rescue a lost mayor.

Nether A Better Time To Play

Now that the Nether Update is live, we hope to see you exploring the Nether soon. Let us know what you think of the update and if you plan on exploring the new realm in all its glory.

By Derek

Derek, a 28-year-old residing in Chicago, IL, is an avid video game enthusiast who has been immersed in the gaming world since his childhood. From the moment he laid hands on his first console, Derek's passion for video games ignited and has continued to burn brightly throughout his life.

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