One of the world’s most popular streaming services is spicing things up with a plan to add gaming next year.

Netflix has become a household word in the modern world. With more than 200 million subscribers, Netflix is respected as a leader in the show and movie industry. With more competition than ever before, the company sees an opportunity to stand out from the others by offering a game streaming service.

Netflix Gaming – What We Know So Far

Bloomberg reported on Netflix’s announcement to add gaming to its arsenal and how the company will approach it. Netflix said that “video games” will appear as a new genre on the platform, similar to documentaries or other specials.

The big question that we won’t know until we get closer to release is what type of games Netflix plans on bringing to its platform. There are some rumors that Netflix will be partnering with PlayStation to bring some of the PlayStation’s titles onto Netflix Gaming.

Netflix Gaming Is Coming Next Year, Possible Partnership With PlayStation 1

The above picture shows two PS5 controllers with some bubbles floating around. Of course, this might not be strictly tied to PlayStation but it certainly looks like it.

However, there’s also a picture of Ghost of Tsushima cover art which is a PlayStation exclusive. It seems like they’re trying to hint at something!

Netflix recently acquired former EA and Facebook executive, Mike Verdu, to lead its push into the gaming world.

We don’t expect it to be a major launch like Google Stadia, but rather a softer launch along with the likes of Apple Arcade.

Will Netflix Gaming Be Free?

Netflix has officially revealed that video games will be at no extra cost on its platform. This came as quite a shock to us and we’re super happy to hear the good news.

Seeing how Netlix’s potential partnership with PlayStation and keeping Netflix Gaming free will be interesting to watch unfold.

So far, there’s no reason to believe the gaming service will cost anything besides the regular Netflix monthly subscription.

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