Team Liquid Lose Back To Back In Week 2

Team Liquid at the start of the season was everyone’s favorite for winning the split. With a strong performance in the Lock In tournament even winning the whole thing, TL only rose even more on people’s list to be the best in the LCS. But, only two weeks into the regular season and Team Liquid lose back to back bringing them to 3-3. TL currently sits in the middle of the pack at 3-3 but should fans be worried?

Realistically no, TL is obviously a great team and can definitely pick up wins. The team has been very clear that they are willing to lose games trying to improve upon different comps that they may not be that comfortable with. While I do feel that doing that isn’t the worst thing in the world you it does still slightly worry me. TL will go into week 3 with 2 pretty hard matchups. Cloud9 and EG have both looked really good and while they have also dropped games TL could realistically drop both. If Team Liquid do drop both games I think we see them trying different comps go to the way side.

Overall TL are most likely going to be completely fine but if we do see Team Liquid lose back to back again next week I think it will be fair to start to worry at least a little. With the raw talent on the team it is unlikely we see TL get to a place they can’t recover from. Hopefully, the practicing with different comps can eventually offer them a greater chance of doing well at international events. Only time will tell and we still do have a little bit of time before we see them.

In Other News

If you love the LCS as much as we do check out our LCS Power Rankings, where we will definitely be dropping TL a few spots. We also do an LCS recap where we talk about a few of the top stories from each week!

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Zach Yagle

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