Team Liquid Win Lock In Tournament, Survive The Attempted Reverse Sweep From Cloud9

Well we got nervous for the possible 2nd reverse sweep within as many series, but Team Liquid win Lock In and make LCS history.

Cloud9 played well in game 3 and 4 to push the series to another game 5 and possible second reverse sweep but Alphari crushed top lane to shut down any chance of that. To be fair to C9 and Fudge the whole team did look pretty good in most of the games. Games 1 and 2 were both very close games and they won 3 and 4. Game 5 on the other hand hurt. A very smart level 1 by Alphari essentially shut Fudge down before he ever had a chance.

Overall I think Cloud9 fans should be happy with what their team showed. Not only did they make it to the Lock In finals they also looked to improve throughout the whole tournament. Perkz actually is starting to show up quite a bit more and Fudge showed he can have some solid games. You also have a great group of 3 players in Blaber, Zven, and Vulcan that we know are going to perform no matter what.

Team Liquid fans should also clearly be very excited. Not only did TL win but Alphari and Santorin looked amazing. Both pickups should be looked upon with good feelings and they are playing this well together without the beginning of the regular season even starting. They also clearly have points they can improve upon and that is scary considering they already look so good. Truly though Alphari is probably the best addition to the LCS and deserved his Player of the series status.

Congratulations to TL on a great start to 2021 and we can’t wait to see how they can improve and hopefully perform at a good level for NA in international play. There are plenty of games ahead of us in the regular season and we can’t wait to watch them. TL fans will be sure to write in Team Liquid win Lock In all over the LCS history books and we can’t blame them.

In Other News

If you love the LCS as much as we do check out our LCS Power Rankings. Also as always, you can check out great LCS content from the people themselves over on the LCS YouTube.

Zach Yagle

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