TSM Signed SwordArt On An Interesting 2 Year Deal!

Some good news for TSM fans, TSM signed SwordArt! SwordArt was the support player for Suning so obviously, he’s pretty good. You simply don’t make world finals without being a great player in your own right. SwordArt’s accolades aren’t just runner-up to world champion either. LMS MVP x1, LMS Playoff MVP 2 times, and LMS All-Pro 1st Team 3 times as well.

While TSM still doesn’t have a full roster even more so with Doublelift retiring. With a support like SwordArt I wouldn’t be surprised to see some bigger name ADC’s show interest in joining TSM. Obviously, I still don’t know who that may be but I can’t help remembering Sneaky a big name in the LCS for so long who was showing interest in wanting to come back.

I’m sure we will figure out pretty soon the whole line up of TSM and probably every other LCS team as well. But for now, TSM fans can truly have at least a little sigh of relief with the news that TSM signed SwordArt. Who do you think will end up being the ADC for TSM?

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Zach Yagle

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  • I'm super stoked about Swordart! Apparently, his adc will be Lost. Here's hoping they work well together :)

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