With GPU prices finally coming back down to Earth, the best prebuilt gaming PCs are beginning to look very reasonable again.

Whether you’re new to the PC gaming space and this is your first build or you’re a veteran looking to score a more powerful rig, we’ve put together an all-encompassing list of the best prebuilt gaming PCs to find the rig that works best for your budget and needs.

The best rig for you is often based off of your preferences and style choices. Some gamers might prefer RGB set-ups while others prefer a compact rig that they can easily bring with them to a LAN party. (Yes, those still exist.) Let’s dive in!

Best High-End Prebuilt Gaming PC

Alienware Aurora R13

the best prebuilt gaming PCs in 2023
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If you’re looking for the absolute best gaming PCs money can buy or you want to see your favorite games in the best settings possible, you might want to check out the big boys. These pre-builts are respected for their high-end components in chasses that have been designed to look great with performance in mind.

CPUIntel Core i5 12700F
Storage1TB HDD + 512GB SDD

The Aurora R13 is notorious for its customization and excellent component choices that put it in a great position to perform well at a fair price. Lightning-fast DDR5 + a SSD will deliver snappy performance with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from some of the best gaming PCs.

The Best PC For Streaming

Corsair Vengeance

corsair vengeance pc
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You’ll see Razer builds featured a lot on this list due to their heavy impact in the pre-built space. However, Corsair had some recent top-tier acquisitions that have slingshotted their presence in the gaming pc space with some fancy new technology.

The Corsair Vengeance not only has some super solid specs, but it also comes with a built-in 4K capture card to make streaming less burdensome on your new machine.

CPURyzen 9 5900X
GPURadeon RX 6800XT
RAM32GB Vengeance Pro DDR4
Storage2TB HDD

With the acquisition of Elgato, Corsair was able to tap into some of the world’s best streaming software and include it in their pre-built rigs.

This is a game-changer for any streamer looking for a new pc or someone who wants to record their gameplay without their system lagging the whole time.

Typical recording solutions like OBS are known to put a lot of pressure on streaming systems. Also, capture cards record the gameplay without any input lag.

Best Mid-Range Gaming PC

HP Omen

hp omen pc
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If you’re looking for a build that will treat you well for a couple of years and will be able to pull impressive framerates without destroying your wallet, mid-range builds are likely what you’re after.

The HP Omen is a gaming PC designed to be minimalist but functional. Because it’s HP’s gaming division, you can expect a good price-to-performance ratio. The Omen will get you good frame rates with no hassle. If you’re looking for one of the best prebuilt gaming PCs in 2023, the Omen is a great choice.

CPUIntel Core i7 10700F
Storage1TB HDD + 512GB SDD

Gaming PC With The Best Graphics Card

MSI Infinite RS (13th Gen)

msi infinite pc
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The MSI Finite RS is an elite gaming pc with some of the best parts around. This beast of a machine features the recently launched RTX 4090 and the 11th gen core series processors.

CPUCore i9-13900KF
GPURTX 4090 (Suprim Liquid Optional)
StorageUp To 2TB M.2 NVME SSD + 2TB HDD

Not only is this good-looking gaming PC fast, but it also features some state-of-the-art cooling technology including the optional Suprim Liquid 4090 cooler. If you’re looking for a gaming powerhouse that can handle any game with absolute ease, we highly recommend the MSI Infinite RS.

Should I Buy A Prebuilt Gaming PC In 2023?

Buying a prebuilt gaming PC can save you a lot of headaches, troubleshooting, and time. Depending on deals and sales, you can find prebuilt gaming PCs that are close in price to building your own rig.

However, some gamers take pride in building a PC themself. Building a gaming PC is a hobby tied closely to gaming, but isn’t the same thing. If you are a tinkerer or like to find the absolute best bang for your buck, give building a PC a shot.

If you’re busy and don’t want to deal with the headache then we highly recommend buying a prebuilt gaming PC in 2023.

How To Know If A Prebuilt Gaming PC Is Good

The best way to know if a prebuilt gaming PC is good is to use reviews from other buyers, understand the brand and its popularity, and do some of your own research.

Although we created this guide to help you choose some of the best prebuilt gaming PCs in 2023, it’s always a good idea to ask different forums, see reviews, and dive into some research yourself.

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