In a Blizzard Entertainment developer blog, the Overwatch 2 developer talks about some post-launch plans for the game. Updates to gameplay, maps, and competitive are all covered in some form on the blog but what stood out most to us was the fact that Overwatch 2 balance changes won’t be coming until season 2.

overwatch 2 balance changes

With all heros sitting in between a %45 and %55 win-rate the devs had concluded there isn’t much need for changes. Blizzard is happy to see that the power level of all the heroes seems to be in line with what their goals were, to begin with. The one exception to that rule is Zarya who is going to be getting a targeted adjustment that should go live with the next major patch on October 25th.

The devs definitely plan to keep a close eye on all the heroes and their win rates respectively. While keeping the game balanced the devs also very much want to keep to their goal of making every season feel like it has a distinct feel. In theory that should keep the game fresh but only time will tell. There is also plenty more to read in the blog post and we always highly recommend checking it out for yourselves.

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By Zach Yagle

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