The NBA 2K Franchise has been around for quite some time and truly needs no introduction. But just in case for whatever reason if you don’t know, NBA 2K is the premier game for NBA basketball. Play as all your favorite teams and players in many different game modes. With that being said we are going to take a look at NBA 2k22 new features!

nba 2k22 new features

As you can see a these two happen to be a big part of NBA 2k22 new features and focuses on individual matchups within games. This should allow for skill to truly shine through more often. Get your opponent on their back foot and you can press your lead even more. I in theory love the thought of this and hope it is implemented well.

nba 2k22 new features

Next up on our NBA 2K22 new features is changes to the MyTEAM aspect of 2K. Draft is finally being brought back to pretty much everyone’s delight. Not only that but 2K is doing their best to bring constant rewards throughout the year with challenges, rewards, and events. This should do quite nicely to keep the game fresh and keep you coming back throughout the year. MyTeam is definitely one of the most liked features of the game and these new NBA 2K22 new features for MyTeam look to make it even more enjoyable.

Another small change as well is that MyTEAM’s progress and collections will be transferable between consoles that are within the same platform family (ie. PlayStation®4 to PlayStation®5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S – and vice versa). All of your token balances from your VC wallet will also be transferable.

nba 2k22 new features

There are some interesting changes coming to MyCareer in 2K22, Both Hidden Talents and No Place Like Home look to offer the ability to put more of your own personality into your game. While not my favorite of the NBA 2K22 new features I do think it will offer something for a lot of people to enjoy. For more information about NBA 2K22 click here. Also if you are looking for some new games to play be sure to check out our Best New Games September 2021.

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