Snowflake ironmans have taken over Old School RuneScape! From swamps to just Bosses there are plenty of types to choose from. You likely already know what a snowflake ironman is if you’ve made it here but just to be safe let’s go over it.

First off what is an Ironman? Well, an ironman is a type of account that is unable to trade with others. NPCs are still able to be interacted with and traded with but that’s it. While the ironman status technically started off as a snowflake ironman in its own right we have evolved way past that point. The term snowflake ironman essentially boils down to any account playing as an ironman but with added self-imposed restrictions.

As you can imagine with such a crazy (in a good way I swear) player base the things people have come up with are not only unending but also very entertaining. As you can imagine the grinds people put themselves through to stick to these self-restrictions can be astronomically long. If you have managed to find your way to this article I can assume it’s only for two possible reasons. Either 1 you’re just as crazy as some of the others who have already made their snowflakes and want ideas for your own. Or you want to enjoy the wonderful content many of these snowflake ironmans put out.


Region-locked snowflake ironman are probably the most common. The concept is pretty simple to set out to reach all the goals you set within a certain region of the game. While they may sound simple it all depends on what goals you are willing to set and how creative you are on the ability to make them harder and harder. With probably every region being at least attempted some of our favorites are…

EZScape – Desert Only IM

Spellsey OSRS – Zeah Only IM

Settled – Mort’ton Only HCIM

Snowflake ironman

Settled’s Swampletics series might be the quintessential region-locked snowflake ironman account. With hours and hours of grinding as well as preplanning to set goals that are very lofty I highly recommend if nothing else to check out his.


Grid-locked accounts are even more restrictive but often have smaller goals within a certain area that eventually opens up more and more as you go. This gives you a smaller goal to go for within that one area but still keeps the overarching goals very lofty as well.

Framed – Gridlocked

Verf – Xtreme Onechunk

Snowflake ironman

Verf takes things to a whole other level with the amount of grinding he is willing to put himself through. While his series isn’t anywhere close to being finished it’s definitely one to follow along with as long as you’re not too faint of heart.


Now comes the really strange ones. When you remember that so much is possible within the game and snowflake ironman accounts can really be restricted however people want them to you end up here.

The OSRS Dream – Chests Only

Zayzed – Boss Locked

Only Trails – Clue Scroll Only

Snowflake ironman

With over 100 episodes and counting for Only Trails, there is plenty to watch as he tries to navigate RuneScape only using Clue Scrolls. As you can see you can really set whatever restrictions you want as long as you enjoy them.

Snowflake Ironman accounts are bigger than ever and with platforms like Youtube and Twitch to share them on I don’t think they will be going anywhere anytime soon. I personally love to watch so many of these series and can’t wait to see what other crazy restrictions people come up with. If you have a crazy snowflake ironman account or just really like someone else’s let us know about it over on our Twitter account! We love talking with the community and want to share all the fun stuff everyone does within the game.

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By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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