Top 5 Runelite Plugins Everyone Should Have

Runelite plugins are almost never-ending. From simple things like kicking in doors to more complex plugins like showing more optimal ways of doing things and even an HD version of the game. The options are truly vast but we want to help you out. Here are our top 5 Runelite plugins everyone should have!

117 HD

Simply the best Runelite plugin that is out there. 117 HD is a complete overall of RuneScape graphics making the game you probably guessed HD. The project was worked on by one guy and took quite some time but was worth every second of the wait. I can’t explain how much this plugin improved the game for me and all my friends. 117 HD is a must need for everyone! For a brief explanation on how to install RuneLite HD go here.

Runelite plugins

Optimal Quest Guide

Optimal Quest Guide is another one of the great RuneLite plugins. Optimal Quest Guide gives you the list of quests and in which order is most optimal for you. Obviously, the earlier you use this plugin the better but it can still be good if you’re looking to quest and have the rewards actually mean something. Not only does the plugin list what order but it will also let you know the requirements for each quest as well. Optimal Quest Guide can be a super useful tool if you’re someone like me who never knows what quest I should do next.

RuneLite plugins

Banked Experience

Banked Experience is quite possibly one of the most useful RuneLite plugins out there. Whether you are grinding for 99’s or just trying to get to a certain level as a goal Banked Experience has your back. You can use the plugin to see how much XP you have in resources for 11 different skills (Constructions, Cooking, Crafting, Farming, Firemaking, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Prayer, Smithing, and Thieving).

Not only will it show you the total banked XP for that skill it will break it down by XP per material and will also allow you to make specifications about if you have outfits for XP boost or even all different methods when it comes to things like prayer. Overall Banked Experience is just very helpful for skilling.

RuneLite plugins

Inventory Setup

Inventory Setup is another one of my must-have RuneLite plugins. Inventory Setup will allow you to make preset inventories and then give you easy access in your bank to get you back out grinding more quickly. Not only can the plugin be used for combat inventories such as boss setups and other similar things you can also use Inventory Setup to help you skill at a quicker pace. Whatever you do end up using it for Inventory Setup is definitely a plugin everyone should at least consider.

RuneLite Plugins

Equipment Inspector

Finally, for our last of the RuneLite Plugins everyone should have, we have Equipment Inspector. While I think this is more useful for newer players Equipment Inspector can still be useful for all RuneLite users. For newer users, the plugin will help quite a bit with learning what armors are used for certain situations and allow them to slowly learn the game more. For more seasoned players it can still do the same but also allows for a better understanding of weakness in PVP situations and a price check on the items. Whatever you end up using Equipment Inspector for more information is almost never a bad thing!

RuneLite Plugins

We hope you both enjoyed and found useful our Top 5 RuneLite Plugins everyone should have. With so many plugins out there we know we probably missed a few you find very useful and we would love to hear about them over on our GameScoutr Twitter.

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