The Scythe and Fang update is one that OSRS needs. Since entering the game with the release of TOA the Fang has been the far and away most used melee weapon in the game. The addition of DT2 made the Fang even better. This Scythe and Fang update should not only bring the Fang back to balanced but also push the Scythe up to where it should be!

Scythe and Fang update

Osmumten's Fang

The Osmumten’s Fang has been broken let’s be real. Essentially every boss you were gearing up for the go-to melee weapon was the Fang. 
Not only was it making other weapon options feel bad and not worth getting or grinding for, but it also started to get pretty boring. When we take a closer look at this update the Fang really isn’t getting too much of a nerf. You can still make use of the double accuracy roll bonus while using stab, the only thing changing is you no longer get said bonus while using slash. 

Scythe of Vitur

Now for the more exciting part of this Scythe and Fang update. The Scythe finally got a buff! While you will see some top-level pvmers use the Scythe when looking at it before the update we often saw that the cost was just not worth the use in the end. 

Not only does this update buff the Scythe itself with a +15 Slash Accuracy bonus, which in current use cases increases the Scythe’s DPS anywhere between 0.2% for low-defense bosses (like the big nylocas) and 7% for higher-defense encounters (like General Graardor). But we are also getting a 100 blood rune discount per 100 charges (around 20k). Oh, but that’s not even all! Charges going forward will no longer be used if you do happen to roll a 0. 

Scythe and Fang Update

Overall, this update seems great. While the Fang will not feel quite as broken, that is probably for the best when it comes to the overall health of the game. We are super excited to see the impact of these updates and are interested to see what other changes Jagex brings with the rest of Project Rebalance. Be sure to check out some of our other great OSRS news and articles like our Top 5 Runelite Plugins Everyone Should Have

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