Now obviously the very nature of Ironmen accounts means every skill is useful, but when it comes down to it some skills are just more useful than others. In our Top 5 Most Useful Skills For Ironmen, we will tell you what skills to focus on but also how to train them! We are going to be avoiding combat skills as well. We should all know how important it is by now to have good all-around stats.

5. Prayer

Prayer is massive for any account. The access to overhead prayers unlocks more content in the game than probably anything else. With protect from Magic, Missles, and Melee the ability to grind barrows as well as plenty more becomes possible. With the fact that prayer is almost fully trained through drops of kills, you can imagine it isn’t the fastest thing, which is why it’s so important to start early.

Useful Skills For Ironmen

An easy start as with most skills will be quests. We love the Quest Helper plugin on Runelite to give us a bit of a guide as to which quest to do in order. Past that you have a couple of other things to choose from now. Blue Dragons are a great way to obtain dragon bones and train magic at lower levels. From there you will either want to use the Chaos Altar or Ectofuntus. The Chaos Altar is dangerous as you will be in the Wilderness but is way faster than the Ectofuntus which also requires Priest in Peril. From 1 to 43 Prayer using Ectofuntus you will need 175 dragon bones.

4. Agility

Agility is another one of the most useful skills for ironmen for a couple of reasons. One, having a higher agility level allows for quicker run energy regeneration. Two, while doing rooftop agility you have the chance to receive Marks of Grace. Marks of Grace will be very useful in the long run for your account, not only are you able to purchase the Graceful outfit but you will also be able to buy Amylase packs which are useful in the creation of stamina potions. So what’s the best way to get your agility up?

Useful Skills For Ironmen

Well, surprise surprise back to quests. You are able to get from 1-33 agility with just 4 quests that can be done at low levels but will involve some combat. Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap (using experience on Agility two times), The Depths of Despair, and The Grand Tree are the quest you will need. Once you get to level 33 you’ll want to start Rooftop agility over at Varrock until you unlock the Canfis Rooftop course. From there the Canfis Rooftop course is recommended as it will be the best place to get marks of grace until level 60.

3. Construction

With construction as one of the most useful skills for ironmen, we are starting to get toward mid-game. Construction just within itself opens up such. Not only can you use your POH for storage, teleports, and eventually another way to train prayer at your own Gilded Altar, but you can also make use of the pool space. The pool space is great for resetting after bosses or slayer tasks or essentially anything.

Useful Skills For Ironmen

Sadly, we only get 2 real early-game quests for construction in Daddy’s Home and Tower of Life. Mahogany Homes is a good way to train construction early as it gives access to the plank sack and the Carpenter’s outfit. For obtaining planks you have a couple of different options, Wintertodt and Tempoross both offer chances at getting planks as rewards while also training other skills. Alternatively, you can pick up planks near Barbarian Assualt.

2. Farming

Our top two best useful skills for ironmen largely go hand in hand. We actually only need farming because of the fact it helps us to train herblore quicker. Starting farming as soon as possible is always a good bet as it takes actual time for the plants to grow. Start collecting seeds and planting them right away.

Useful Skills For Ironmen

As always quests, quests, and more quests. Fairytale I and the Goblin generals subquest give enough experience to reach level 20 Farming. Add in Garden of Death and you’ll reach level 30 farming allowing for very early willow tree runs. After that, it’s all about keeping up your seed count. Wintertodt is a common way for people to get seeds early. Other ways of obtaining seeds include Slayer, Birds Nests, and pickpocketing Master Farmers.

1. Herblore

Now for the number one most useful skill for ironmen, Herblore. Herblore is so beyond useful, every aspect of combat is made easier and more efficient by having access to higher-level potions. Prayer potions are an absolute necessity for any real bossing. Herblore is actually so useful that almost all Ironmen recommend using any experience lamps on the skill.

Useful Skills For Ironmen

Luckily we are again in luck, it is possible to get all the way to 26 Herblore without ever having really made any potions before. From there you really just want to try and find Herblore experience anywhere you can. Farming again will be very helpful in your training of Herblore and the two should very much go hand and hand. All skills are useful for Ironmen but we think these 5 skills make up the Top 5 Most Useful Skills For Ironmen.

By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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