Bigscreen, the wildly popular VR app focused on social screen-sharing just got a huge update. The devs have just added a virtual green screen that will let content creators get creative with their avatars.

Bigscreen has a number of different environments with many different sizes and effects that are great for talking, watching streams, movies, or even playing games. Now that users will be able to change their background to anything they like, the variation and creativity within the app just skyrocketed.

Now you’ll be able to replace the background with anything you desire. We hope to see what you creative VR fiends can come up with.

How To Use Bigscreen Green Screen

Because the green screen is in a virtual environment, you won’t need any actual gear to get it up and rolling. Instead, all of the technical wizardry is taken care of from the software. Magic!

It’s likely that the PC VR users will get the most use out of the new green screen. Bigscreen’s third-person “selfie stick” and “streamer cam” capture tools are only available for SteamVR headsets and Quest 2 via Link. However, the OG Quest is allegedly getting the selfie stick tool in the future.

Besides a competitive VR headset, you will need OBS, a free desktop recording software used by many streamers for years. All you will need to do is activate the chroma key within OBs and viola.

Of course, make sure your version of Bigscreen is up-to-date. Next, go to “Green Screen” under the “My Room” tab of the environments section. From there, either set up a selfie stick or streamer cam and get recording! The possiblities are truly endless.

Are you excited for the Bigscreen Green Screen update? Let us know in the comments below.

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