If you were unfortunate enough to have your ultra-expensive RTX 3090 brick while playing Amazon’s new MMO New World, we have some good news for you.

EVGA has responded to the concerns of New World players and says the company will cover all graphics cards impacted by this deadly bug. EVGA recently released an update that will reduce GPU load by capping FPS.

Imagine you’re excited to play a brand new MMO with your friends after waiting for months. You finally get into the world and suddenly your $2k GPU in all its glory does mid-battle. Yeah, not super cool.

Although it sucks in the first place, EVGA is being a real sport and replacing all affected GPUs.

new world bricked rtx 3090

Even popular streamers like Gladd had his GPU fried from New World.

Luckily, EVGA had a stock of 3090s laying around and the shipments should already be happening. If you were one of the unlucky gamers that had their card bricked, a brand new shiny card should already be on its way.

Besides this unfortunate setback, New World has been kicking some serious butt. This new MMO developed by Amazon is becoming more popular and successful by the day. Although the game is still in closed beta, it’s currently in a playable state and is very fun.

There are some classic elements of other MMOs that were brought in, but some aspects of the game are fresh and exciting. For instance, you can elect a governor of a settlement!

We’re all eagerly awaiting the full launch on August 31st. Anyone with a bricked 3090 will have their replacement shortly and you won’t have to go through this mess again! At least EVGA is being a true sport about it.

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