The air is warm, the aggression is high, and the racial slurs are in full effect. Yep, just another day in the wilderness in Oldschool RuneScape. This time around, Jagex thought there was a little too much mayhem going on and decided on a major rev caves update.

For those unfamiliar with the wilderness or the game in general, the wilderness is the only area that offers PVP related content for players interested (Aside from PVP worlds). Inside the wilderness, the revenant caves (rev caves) has been a very popular PKing area within it.

Why Jagex Decided On The Rev Caves Update

There has always been a very polarizing stance from the community on the PVP aspects of the game. With Jagex’s recent announcement to redo certain areas of the wilderness, players are once again caught in the great divide of what should be and what will be.

With the new update, however, we may find a more engaging/rewarding experience for those unfamiliar to the true risk/reward nature of the wilderness.

Clans had become an immensely harsh threat to deal with in the rev caves. They usually crowded out entire worlds and prevented fair fights.

More often than not, they even charged players a fee to not get attacked. Yeah, it was pretty rough out there.

OldSchool RuneScape Rev Caves Update And Impact 1
PKers in the rev caves

What The Rev Caves Update Changed

Here are the major changes the new rev caves update will change:

  • quicker respawn times for the revenants
  • a new multi-boss similar to the Giant Mole
  • an enhanced loot table to increase profits

Even if you manage to kill the grimiest little rat in the cave with absolutely no loot on their character, you can still scrap an easy 100,000 coins per kill because of the entrance fee required to enter the cave.

This, coupled with the idea that no area of the cave is multi-combat, should scream potential loot to any player regardless of your stance on the wilderness and PVP. 

Let’s not ignore that there was also a massive spike in price for the wilderness exclusive weapons (i.e Craws bow, Viggora’s Chainmace, etc.) These items are exclusively dropped by revenants so if you happen to find yourself logging into someone who manages to get one of these fine items from a drop, you can manage to snag an easy 18 million coins free of contest. 


It’s important not to stray away from these pvp updates as it provides a healthy balance in the community and mixes up the wilderness activities. Most of the PKers in the game agreed to this update and dramatically improved the health of the rev caves in general.

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