From gems to leather and even some weapons, crafting covers quite a few areas in OldSchool RuneScape. Our OSRS Crafting Guide will give you the fastest method and some more cost-effective ones. Sadly even with covering such a wide array of material crafting is essentially never profitable and will set you back a decent amount once you set off on your journey to 99. With that being said here are our recommendations for getting to 99 in our OSRS Crafting Guide!


As with pretty much every skill in OSRS Quest are a great way to get a head start on training and allows you to skip some of the beginning levels. In total, there are 33 Quests that give 135k crafting xp. Now obviously you won’t be able to do all 33 Quests right away but it is important to know your options and when you are able to get some free xp. Hate Quests? Check out our Top 5 Runelite Plugins Everyone Should Have that might just have something to help you breeze by all those pesky Quests.

Fast Method

The fastest methods to train crafting as you might assume will more often than not cost you the most. In return, however, you can get the levels more quickly and get back to your normal grind.

1-20 Leather Items

Crafting leather items to start is pretty simple. All you need to get started is a needle thread and some leather to craft with. All leather items also only take 1 leather to make them making them even easier. To get from 1 to 20 crafting making leather items you will need a total of 217 leather. Make the highest-level leather item you can and you’ll get to 20 in about 10 minutes or so if working at a leisurely rate.

Best OSRS Crafting Guide 2023

20-77 Cutting Gems

Cutting gems is super quick but also going to take a good chunk of capital to do. To get from 20 to 77 you will need to cut a total of 11,219 gems. Now while that sounds like quite a bit players can easily cut 2,500 gems an hour if they are paying attention meaning this method will only take about 4.5 hours. The whole method will also cost you around 25m when it’s all said and done.

Best OSRS Crafting Guide 2023

77-99 Crafting D’hide Bodies

Once we unlock the ability to make Red D’hide bodies the grind really starts. We will be making 6,307 bodies which will take 18,921 red dragon leather and a little over 4 hours if the player can manage a conservative 1,500 D’hide bodies an hour. This will get us to 84 crafting where we will unlock Black D’hide bodies and our final item we will be crafting until 99 with this method. The number of bodies jumps all the way up to 39,082 meaning we will need 117,246 black dragon leather and about 26 hours if still at that 1,500 bodies per hour mark.

Best OSRS Crafting Guide 2023

Selling the bodies back will lose you around 100m while high alching the bodies makes the method quite a bit cheaper bringing the loss to only 65.5m. It’s important to remember high alching will take you a good amount of time though, but will also offer magic xp.

All in all our Fast method in our OSRS Crafting Guide will only take you around 30 hours and cost 125m give or take. Obviously, numbers are set to change based on GE prices and time will also change based on how efficiently you are training.

Other/More Cost-Effective Methods

These methods will slow down the time to 99 but will save you some sweet gp compared to our Fast Method. Some methods in this section may also make you some money depending on the GE prices.

1-99 Molten Glass

Glass blowing is a popular method of training especially for Ironman but is rather slow. With xp rates making at around 122,000 even at the highest levels, this will slow down your progress quite a bit but does offer an average rate of 2 gp/xp. Assuming 1,700 glass items are blown an hour the method takes approximately 120 hours of glass blowing. So while it is slow at least it’s cheap!

Best OSRS Crafting Guide 2023

7-99 Crafting Bracelets

Crafting Bracelets is one of the few crafting methods that does have a good chance to make you some money. While not huge profits this can be a good way to train and not have it break the bank. The xp rates are still rather slow maxing out at 154,000 but hey at least you’re making some money from this skill for once right? Weight-reducing armor and access to different furnaces make the xp/hr differ quite a bit, Prifddinas and Edgeville are your best options.

Best OSRS Crafting Guide 2023

54-99 Battlestaves

Battlestaves are a nice way to train and can offer pretty good xp/hr but do require a decent chunk of capital to get you started. Like with the D’hide bodies high alching the battlestaves is a good way to make a little bit of money while training around 6.7m if all the way to 99 with current numbers. With around 2,400 Battlestaves being able to made an hour at a decent pace getting from 54 to 99 using this method would take around 40 hours. This doesn’t take into account buying new materials.

Best OSRS Crafting Guide 2023

83-99 Cutting Amethyst

Cutting Amethyst into the various tips offers around 165,000 xp/hr and is known to give only small losses. To get from 83 to 99 Crafting using this method would take around 21 hours give or take. Plus if you reach 99 using Amethyst cutting you have a lot of material to go for 99 fletching with now!

We hope you found our OSRS Crafting Guide useful. If you did find it useful or just have some other cool methods you think are worthy of making the guide let us know over on Twitter! We love to hear from the community and always take what you say into consideration.

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