After 10 years of being around and we are finally getting OSRS New Skill Pitches! 3 Pitches were made and now it’s up to us the community to shape the future of OSRS and pick the skill we think will fit best in the game! 

But what skill is best? Well, that is up to you as an individual to pick the one you think fills that role. To help out let’s go over all three OSRS New Skill Pitches!


Taming is as they say the “most wholesome” of the new skills and is definitely not summoning… Right well while the team is trying their best to make Taming feel “entirely different” from summoning the idea alone already makes it pretty similar. 

The idea to drop any idea of charms to train is one I can get behind though. Having fun creatures from around Gielinor join your side and get to experience the game a little differently as such does seem like it could add a little more to the game.

OSRS New Skill Pitches

The core mechanics of Taming will revolve around, you guessed it, taming animals across Gielinor. You will be able to train and level up your new friend after domesticating it within the open world.

 From there you will need to care for your creature. Providing food and a home seems simple enough but where it would hopefully get fun is the “enriching activities” you would be able to do with your tamed creature.

OSRS New Skill Pitches

Taming at the end of the day will be a utility skill. Your tamed creatures will give you abilities to interact with the game in new ways never before seen such as different methods of skilling and even unlocking new areas of the game. 

In all honesty, this skill just doesn’t seem like it’s for me. It still seems way too similar to summoning in my opinion and as such is my least favorite of the three OSRS new skill pitches.


Is it time for an adventure at sea? Well, Sailing will offer just that, from fishing and exploring to ship battles and trade sailing seems to have quite a bit to offer. 

The seemingly endless amount of content that Sailing could add not just within itself but also to many other skills makes Sailing seem like a pretty good option in the OSRS new skill pitches and for Gielinor overall.

OSRS New Skill Pitches

Sailing in concept has some pretty obvious mechanics to it. Find your nearest port and acquire a ship in a way you see fit ie. buying, stealing, hiring, or even building it from scratch.

 Ships will have different qualities, of course, affecting how far and smooth your journey on the sea will be. Once you have your ship the possibilities open up a ton and as the captain, it’s up to you to decide.

OSRS New Skill Pitches

Sailing as a support skill should in theory introduce a plethora of ways to train different skills and explore the world. I for one am quite fond of the idea of sailing just because there really are so many possibilities of where the skill could take us. 

Bosses would surely follow with the skill as well as hopefully different and more engaging ways to train. It’s a hard choice for me but Sailing is just below the last of the three OSRS New Skill Pitches.


Last but certainly not least of the three OSRS New Skill Pitches is my personal favorite Shamanism. Using nature and the magic of the Spirit Realm you can perform rituals to help enhance items you already have as well as create Tikis, Totems, and Poultices. Shamanism looks to improve upon the gameplay we already know and love.

OSRS New Skill Pitches

As for the mechanics of Shamanism, the skill will very much feel like OSRS with gathering and foraging being at the forefront of every ritual. Components will be found throughout the world and at disturbed sites. 

From there you will be able to draw a ritual circle and create the items you want and need to help boost your gameplay. Progressing further and further into the skill will allow for bigger and better items and rituals as well as a deeper diver into the Spirit Realm.

OSRS New Skill Pitches

Shamanism will be a mix of both a gathering and production skill and should add plenty of little tidbits around the world. I love nature and the idea of being able to use it to enhance the equipment we have already worked so hard to obtain. 

Not only would Shamanism also add the Spirit Realm but it would also have us engaging with the world we have already explored and gotten to know so much more. Skilling? Enhance your ability to do that skill. Bossing why not enhance your weapons? Shamanism can and ideally will be used in all aspects of the game and that is why it is my favorite of the three OSRS New Skill Pitches.


Overall I love that we are at the point where we are not only talking about a new skill for OSRS but have three to choose from. If it were up to me I would vote for both Sailing and Shamanism and have them both added to the game.

 I know it will take quite some time to develop just one skill let alone two but I think both would be amazing to add to the game. Taming still just feels too much like summoning to me for me to really want it added but even it could be a good addition to the game if done correctly.

At the end of the day, I trust the OSRS Community to pick and guide the skill that will best play out in the game, and really just can’t wait to see where they take us. The new skill will add a ton of gameplay no matter what and hopefully might even add some dope Runelite Plugins so we can add it to our Top 5 Runelite Plugins Everyone Should Have list!

By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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