Bossing and RuneScape go hand in hand. While the end game is filled with Bosses and Raids that can give you a hard challenge what do you do if you’re just starting off? Fear not we have our Top 5 Beginner Bosses in OSRS that you can not only do with rather low requirements but can also set you up very well for making your way to end-game content.

5. Bryophyta

Requirements: Mossy Key, Knife or slashing weapon, an axe or secateurs (bronze axe found in the arena if needed)

Recommendations: 50+ Melee combat stats, 43 + Prayer.

Beginner Bosses In OSRS

At number 5 we will start with Bryophyta. While Bryo doesn’t have the best drops she is really easy to kill. Not only will you likely get some good rune drop but also a chance for the 1/118 Bryophyta’s essence that values at around 6m. While grinding for the keys you will also likely get a good handful of seeds that will be very useful to help boost your farming level. Ensouled Giant Heads are another good reward from the grind as they are an easy way to get good prayer xp early in the game. Overall Bryophyta isn’t the best but that’s why she’s number 5 on our Top 5 Beginner Bosses In OSRS.

4. Crazy/Deranged Archaeologist

Requirements: CA-none / DA- An axe, a rake.

Recommendations: 50 Magic, Underground Pass (if using Iban’s Staff), 40 Prayer. CA- A teleport that works up to level 30 Wilderness, such as a royal seed pod, charged amulet of glory, and Slayer ring.

Beginner Bosses In OSRS

The Crazy Archaeologist is killed early by ironman to get the Rune Crossbow drop but CA also has some other good drops making him a good target even for normal accounts. With chances to get both the Odium Shard 2, the Malediction Shard 2, as well as Dragon arrow drops there is definitely money to be made by low-level accounts. One thing to keep in mind is the Crazy Archaeologist is in the wilderness and as such can be rather dangerous at times.

If you chose to kill the Deranged Archaeologist instead you will be much safer but also lose the chance to get the two biggest drops in the Odium and Malediction shards. The Rune crossbow drop is also replaced by runite limbs making it far less enticing for ironman.

3. Sarachnis

Requirements: Knife or slash weapon, Heroes Quest (if using Dragon Mace)

Recommendations: 65+ Combat stats, 43+ Prayer, 70+ Range (for black d’hide armor), 60+ Magic (better magic defense)

Beginner Boss in OSRS

Sarachnis is a fairly easy boss that can give some overall good gp per hour. The Sarachnis cudgel is a 1/384 drop and is worth around 225k. But with good herb and material drops, Sarachnic is one of the best beginner bosses in OSRS for both ironman and normal accounts.

2. Dagannoth Rex

Requirements: Horror From the Deep, Underground Pass (if using Iban’s Staff), Pet Rock ( if soloing), Rune Thrownaxe.

Recommendations: 50+ Magic, 60+ Defense.

Beginner Bosses In OSRS

Dagannoth Rex is an awesome beginner boss and was always going to be in our Top 5 Beginner Bosses in OSRS! With drops like the Berzerker Ring, Warrior Ring, and Dragon axe it’s also great for both ironman and normal accounts. Rex is also pretty easy to kill as once in place he can be safe-spotted for every kill. Dagannoth Bones are also nice to get with the Elite Fremennik Achievement Diary even making the bones drop noted (though that is far from beginner-friendly).

1. Barrows

Requirements: Priest in Peril, Underground Pass (if using Iban’s Staff), a spade (one spawns in the shack)

Recommendations: 50+ Combat Stats, 50+ Range, 50+ Magic, 43+ Prayer

Beginner Bosses In OSRS

At number 1 on our Top 5 Beginner Bosses In OSRS, we have one of the most iconic bosses in RuneScape with Barrows. Not only can Barrows be done at a pretty low level but the rewards will truly set you up so much for late game and can make you some decent money along the way. the Barrows Armors fill a number of different roles depending on the set. For normal accounts drops like the Ahrim’s Robetop and Bottom bring in solid cash, while Ironman can get just about any piece and give it good use.

We hope you liked our Top 5 Beginner Bosses in OSRS. Bossing is some of the most fun in the game and the earlier you can start the better. If you did like our list be sure to check out some of our other Top 5’s like our Top 5 Runelite Plugins Everyone Should Have!

By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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