Nintendo has just released the legendary Game & Watch Super Mario Bros for a limited time. This retro handheld device will have your nostalgia on full-blast as you stomp Goombas and headbutt coin blocks.

The original Game & Watch device was released in Japan in 1980 as the first handheld gaming system ever created by Nintendo.

If you want to reminese in the old days or never got to experience the the joy of classic gaming, you can now celebrate with the limited edition Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros handheld system.

Game & Watch Super Mario Bros Limited Edition 1

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros Features

True Classic Gameplay: You’ll be experiecning Game & Watch in all its 8-bit glory. You’l be jumping over bottomless puts, bouncing on Goombas, and decesnding down warp pipes for some great retro-style fun.

Bonus Challenges: If the classic experience isn’t enough for you, you may want to try out the Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels game or dive into the special edition of the Game & Watch: Ball series. We guarantee these exciting new elements will spice up the familiar feeling of what you remember from the decades past.

Countdown The Classics: When you’re not rampaging through the Mushroom Kingdom, check our the included digital clock. As you find yourless immeresed in Super Mario Bros, 35 different animations may play, including some celeb apperances from your favorite characters. (No spoilers)

if you want to learn more, check out Nintendo’s official site for more information.

We hope you can get your hands on the new Game & Watch Super Mario Bros Limited Edition handheld before it’s gone! This is a true iconic throwback that many Nintendo fans will appreciate, including myself.

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By Derek

Derek, a 28-year-old residing in Chicago, IL, is an avid video game enthusiast who has been immersed in the gaming world since his childhood. From the moment he laid hands on his first console, Derek's passion for video games ignited and has continued to burn brightly throughout his life.

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