God Of War PC launched on steam on the 14th of January. It was very much anticipated by plenty of PC users and can very easily be seen as it reached the number one spot in sales for the second week of this year.

God Of War PC
Chart from SteamDB

This really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Everyone has already seen and heard how good of a game God Of War is and for PC players to finally get their hands on it is a true joy. A few other games to make the top 10 list that has our interest peaked are ELDEN RING and Project Zomboid.

ELDEN RING isn’t set to be released until November 12, 2021. So while it is still quite some time away from the release people are already extremely excited for the game. Project Zomboid is interesting for very different reasons. The Indie Stone game was initially released all the way back in 2013. Thanks to some attention by streamers such as “boxbox” the game seems to have gotten another life.

Some other games we think might end up near the top of the charts can be found in our Most Anticipated VR Games of 2022.

By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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