With 2021 coming to an end, we’ve been putting together a list of our most anticipated VR games of 2022. With the Meta Quest 2 getting some big performance upgrades, we’re hoping the new year can bring with it some high-end titles on mobile hardware. Let’s dive in.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

Nerf Ultimate Championship is a competitive multiplayer that brings the legendary NERF battles you played growing up with your neighbors into VR.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the best NERF guns, the VR version will allow you to customize your loadout and experience the very best weapons without breaking the bank.

In Nerf Ultimate Champions, you’ll be plced in intense 4v4 battles duking it out with an audience present. If you’re looking for a way to showcase your VR shooting skills, give this title a try next year.

Samurai Slaughterhouse

Samurai Slaughterhouse is a physiscs-based sandbox combat game developed by Tab Games. Slaughterhouse is looking to make dent in the VR space with a gorgeous shaded art style inspired by Managa and traditional Japanese paintings.

Although Samurai Slaughterhouse is still in it’s early stages of development, it’s aiming to become a ” metroidvania-stype open world” where you collect items and gear, level up your character, and explore towns.

It’s being released on the Meta Quest in 2022 and will also release on PSVR 2 whenever it launches.

If you’re interested in the mechanics, the gameplay loop revolves around slaughtering Japanese monters or Yokai. Once you brutally kill your opponents, you bring them to your slaughterhouse and grind them up to turn into weapons. Metal, isn’t it?

Turbo Overkill

turbo overkill - one of our most anticipated VR games of 2022

Imagine Doom in a cyberpunk, dystopian setting and you have Turbo Overkill. The protagonist, Johny Turbo, has chainsaw legs and will battle through a city enslaved by rogue AI. You’ll fight your way the city using an arsenal of futuristici weapons and of course, chainsaws. (Gears of War, anyone?)

We have no doubt Turbo Overkill will be full of mayhem and plenty of bullets will be shot. I mean, this game is being created by a developer called Trigger Happy Interactive. I think that should speak as to what this game is all about.

Turbo Overkill is a passion project that Trigger Happy has been wanting to create for a long time. We’re excited to see what they can cook up. Overkill is coming to Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch in 2022.

Return To Nangrim

Return To Nangrim Trailer – one of our most anticipated VR games of 2022.

Return to Nangrim is a unique first-person RPG where you play as a dwarf that explores the legendary “Stonebeards” that live in a mountain. It’s great to see a game focus on dwarves for a change.

Since the trailer’s release two years ago, Sycoforge has made a lot of progress on the game. There are plenty of streamers and YouTubers who have showcased some gameplay if you want more than a teaser trailer.

You should expect to fight many enembies, solve plenty of puzzles, and traverse through a beautiful mountain landscape as you unlock the secrets of the Stonebeards. I’m starting to feel some Skyrim vibes here.

The creators of Return to Nangrim, Sycoforge, have mentioned there will be plenty of weapon crafting and the game will have plenty of survival-based mechanics. There’s even a playable demo available now.

There aren’t any final release dates posted for Nangrim, but we can expect late 2022. We hope you enjoyed our list of the most anticipated VR games of 2022. Let us know if there are any other games you’re looking forward to in the new year!

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By Derek

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