League of Legends changes all the time. Riot is always churning out new LoL patch notes to keep the game balanced, freshen up gameplay, and introduce new champions to the meta.

Patch 11.16 has some changes for Nunu, Sivir, Jarvan, Ziggs, and Lee Sin.

In this patch, we’re helping out some sad friends: a boy and his yeti’s packing more in their snowballs, Sivir’s sharpening up her bouncing blades, and Jarvan’s really going to show that terrain who’s boss. We’re also targeting other friends who have been popping up on the balance radar, like a short yordle with a short fuse, and a monk with a big kick.

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LoL Patch Notes 11.16 – Nerfs


lol patch 11.16 nefs
  • Diana: passive damage to non-epic monsters decreased.
  • Fiora: E cooldown increased later.
  • Karma: (adjustment) big kit change
  • Lee Sin: W omnivamp decreased.
  • Lulu: W cooldown increased. R cooldown increased early.
  • Maokai: passive heal increased
  • Tahm Kench: Q base heal decreased.
  • Xin Zhao: base attack damage decreased.
  • Ziggs: E base damage per mine decreased early; slow decreased early.


Dark Seal: AP stack decreased. Stacks lost on death increased.

LoL Patch Notes 11.16 – Buffs


lol buffs 11.16
  • Jarvan IV: passive damage increased. R bonus damage ratio increased.
  • Jhin: W damage increased. R minimum damage ratio increased.
  • Maokai: passive heal increased.
  • Nunu: base movement speed increased. E damage ratio per snowball increased.
  • Shaco: Q orange snoke VFX removed.
  • Sivir: W damage ratio increased later.
  • Vladimir: Passive AP to bonus health conversion increased; bonus health to AP conversion increased.


Redemption: Intervention heal increased. Intervention cooldown decreased.

New Skins Patch 11.16

new skins patch 11.16

We hope you use these LoL patch notes to turn the battle in your favor and help you on the Rift!

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