LoL Patch Notes – 11.7

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League of Legends changes all the time. Riot is always churning out new LoL patch notes to keep the game balanced, freshen up gameplay, and introduce new champions to the meta.

Patch 11.7 is giving some love to the Freljord champions (Ashe, Braum, and Lissandra). It’s also heading down to Bandle City to turn down Tristana’s Boomer-box and give a shoutout to our beloved Teemo.

Patch 11.7 Nerfs

LoL Patch Notes - 11.7 1

Alistar: Q base damage decreased later. E empowered basic attack bonus damage decreased.

Hecarim: E bonus movement speed decreased later.

Ivern: E base damage decreased later.

Kai’Sa: R cooldown increased early.

Rell: E stun duration decreased.

Thresh: W base shield decreased later.

Udyr: Base attack damage decreased.

Tristana: Base attack damage decreased.

Patch 11.7 Buffs

LoL Patch Notes - 11.7 2

Amumu: Q cost decreased. E cooldown decreased.

Ashe: R cooldown decreased later.

Braum: E cooldown decreased. R maximum knock up duration increased later.

Kinded: Q bonus damage ratio increased. E cooldown decreased.

Lissandra: Q base damage increased.

Mordekaiser: Q isolated enemy damage increased.

Teemo: Passive bonus attack speed duration increased. E on-hit base damage increased.

Varus: Base attack damage growth increased.

Yasuo: Base attack damage growth increased.

Yorick: Marked enemy champions and large monsters now Awaken nearby graves. Mist Walkers now deal damage when they leap to enemies. E cast paradigm updated.

New Skins for Patch 11.7

LoL Patch Notes - 11.7 3

We hope you use these LoL patch notes to turn the battle in your favor and help you on the Rift!

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