Huge news just dropped from the Fnatic twitter account… Rekkles is leaving Fnatic.

While their is no clear answer to where Rekkles will be signing we can assume its G2. Think about it G2 is losing Perks to Cloud9 and Rekkles for sure wants to join a team with a real chance of winning.

Before leaving Rekkles spent 8 years with the team playing 556 games and having a 6.6 KDA. For many Rekkles is the face of Fnatic and seeing him go is a big shock. Luckily it looks like a peaceful departure as it should be. Rekkles’s future will hopefully be bright and bring glory to the LEC. Thank you Rekkles for all you’ve done for Fnatic.

Rekkles is leaving Fnatic

If you haven’t already check out our article on Perks joins Cloud9. We are going to do our best to cover all the biggest moves in LEC and LCS. Let us know where you think everyone will end up or your favorite memory about Rekkles on Fnatic!

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