While I really hoped EG would be able to put up more of a fight, Team Liquid managed to crush EG in the Lock In semifinals. There were plenty of pauses within this series that made the series feel way longer than it really was.

Team Liquid truly just looked better in every aspect and every role. CoreJJ played as you would expect and did great more in the first 2 games. The third game started off a little rough for CoreJJ giving over first blood and another quick death to add to it. Don’t worry though TL is good enough for it not to matter and once it got later in the game he looked like his old self again. Throughout the series he found great engages and even drew a ban on his Thresh in game 3.

lock in semifinals

Overall TL were just clearly the better team and did what they needed to do against EG to win. Going forward TL will be facing up against C9 I think they should probably be considered favorites. Alphari will definitely be someone to watch, he played well against Impact and should be set to have a really fun time going against Fudge. Fudge still hasn’t shown enough to think he can stand his ground against someone as good as Alphari. We saw Fudge get beat by Ssumday but be lucky enough that his team could carry.

At least we got one good Lock In semifinals but you can’t blame TL. I expected EG to show up more today but hopefully we get more good play from them throughout the regular season. Be sure to check out the Lock In Final tomorrow at 1.

In Other News

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By Zach Yagle

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