Cloud9 Reverse Sweeps 100 Thieves In LCS Lock In Semifinals

Well, I was wrong, I originally called for the (3-1) for 100 Thieves and to be fair it looked like we were going to be getting just that. But a won dragon fight by Cloud9 brought full tilt to 100 Thieves managed to bring the series to game 5 where Cloud9 didn’t look back. Cloud9 reverse sweeps 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves looked great in the first two games and even had many people thinking a (3-0) was at hand. Ssumday to no one’s surprised truly made both games feel the top gap and play very well. Game 3 however was Zven’s game %100, C9’s comp was largely built around the support Senna, and Zven played his role perfectly. It seemed like Zven in game 3 decided he wanted to win so that’s what C9 did.

Cloud9 reverse sweeps 100 Thieves

Zven ended up with 2 penta kills in the series and was clearly the brightest point of C9. Overall in the last three games, most of Cloud9 looked pretty solid with Fudge being the only glaring weakness. Perkz also still hasn’t played the best. His Twisted Fate in game 5 was definitely his best showing, but his overall performance is still leaving a lot to be desired. Either way, Cloud9 have made their way into the LCS Lock In final and will await the winner of EG vs TL to decide who they will be going against.

Looking forward to the final again we will worry about how Fudge will look in the top lane. Both Impact and Alphari have looked really good so Cloud9 will need to be a little worried much like they were in this matchup. Hopefully we also get more of game 5 Perkz because I really want to see him to start to play better. Regardless of mid and top I think it’s safe to say Blabber, Zven, and Vulcan will continue to play at a super high level and be what can win C9 games.

In Other News

If you’re into the LCS check out our LCS Power Rankings, you can also check out my LCS Lock In semifinals picks to see why I thought 100 Thieves would win as well as my pick for the game between EG vs TL.

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