Big big changes come for the Cloud9 LCS Roster for 2022. Only two players from the 2021 season remain and one of them isn’t even in the same role as last season. Will the big changes help Cloud9 to bring back-to-back Quarterfinals appearances or possibly even better? Let’s take a closer look at the Cloud9 LCS Roster for 2022 and talk about what we expect from this iteration of the team.

Head Coach

Cloud9 LCS Roster 2022

Quite possibly the most exciting signing you can have in the Head Coach role Cloud9 announced LS has taken over the role! LS is a person with some very strong opinions on how the game should be played and is known by many within the League of Legends esports community. LS should bring some excitement to Cloud9 and we will watch carefully as he navigates the year.


Cloud9 LCS Roster

One of the biggest signing for any LCS team this year has to be Summit. Summit had been playing in the LCK and was one of the better Top laners for the region. Many were surprised to see such a player of quality leave the LCK for the LCS but Cloud9 and their fans have to be ecstatic. Summit will definitely be a player to watch and has a good chance to not only be the best player on the 2022 Cloud9 LCS Roster but also be the best Top in the LCS.


Cloud9 LCS Roster

Blaber is the only completely familiar player to this team as Fudge will be moving positions. Blaber is known to be one of the best NA talents to have ever graced League of Legends. Blaber did seem to have a slightly off year not performing as well as some might have wanted but that could have been just due to team chemistry. Regardless Blaber will look to put together another MVP season with plenty of new faces around him.


Cloud9 LCS Roster 2022

The Factory has been relocated. Fudge will be making his move into the Mid lane for the 2022 season. The move will likely give Fudge a bigger leadership role. He has seemed to take a captain chair from what we have seen and the move should just help that. Obviously, it will be very interesting to see him develop not only a new champion pool but playstyle while Mid. Fudge will likely be a very big factor in how well the 2022 Cloud9 LCS Roster ends up playing.


Cloud9 LCS Roster

The Bot lane is an interesting one for the 2022 Cloud9 LCS Roster. Two Bot’s are on the roster both Berserker and Zven. From what we have been told Berserker will likely get most of the playing time with Zven on the sideline. We will only truly know once we start getting into the season. Zven is very well known but also did give up some starting time last season. More interestingly is Berserker, another LCK talent coming from the T1 Academy team. He is thought to be a Bot laner with a massive ceiling but is still very much unproven to this point.


Cloud9 LCS Roster 22

Another pretty unproven point on this C9 Roster is the Support role, again fielding two different players Isles and Winsome. Isles seems to be getting the nod in the starting role. Isles is a player who played in the OPL and made his way over to the Cloud9 Academy team last season. Winsome is a young player who played for an amateur team in Korea. These two will likely interchange throughout the season but it will be interesting to see them compete.

What To Expect

Honestly, this 2022 Cloud9 LCS Roster may be the hardest one to really guess what will happen. On one hand, Fudge’s move to Mid could go terribly wrong or both Supports could perform at a lower level than expected. On the other hand, however, The team could really excel with a very solid Korean Top lane and a Korean Bot that has the chance to be something very special. While a cheating answer to a point this team could be anywhere from 6th to 2nd. I have high hopes for this iteration of the Cloud9 LCS Roster and am very excited to see where they will end up.

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By Zach Yagle

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