The Immortals were a team that somewhat surprised people with how they played. While they weren’t the best team by any means they did give everyone something to think about. This iteration of the Immortals LCS Roster will be a very veteran group and hope to improve upon their 5-6th in the Summer Split playoffs. Let’s take a look at what players stayed for another season and who joined them and get the full picture of the 2022 Immortals LCS Roster.

Head Coach

Immortals LCS Roster

Guilhoto left to join Team Liquid but did a lot for the Immortals last year. In his sted Invert has joined as the Head Coach with Dardoch in the Assistant Coach role. Invert was previously an Assistant Coach for Dignitas. He will have some Veteran players to work along with and will hope to improve upon Immortals 7th place in both Spring and Summer.


Immortals LCS Roster

The Top lane stays the same as Revenge continues his journey into the LCS with the Immortals. While Revenge did have some up and down moments he also showed some very high highs. Everyone remembers one of the first games of the LCS last year where Revenge 1v1 solo killed Alphri who was supposed to be the best laner in the LCS and largely backed that up throughout the year. I think Revenge has a good chance to continue to grow both as a player and personality within the LCS and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for him.


Immortals LCS Roster

Another one of the three remaining players from last year is Xerxe. Xerxe ended up being exactly what we expected at the end of last year, a very high-level Jungler that is also a great leader. While he definitely has champions that he looks much more comfortable on such a Sejuani I expect that pool of pure comfortability to grow with the Immortals LCS Roster for 2022. With two veteran players joining Xerxe can play around his overall play should be expected to go up from last year.


Immortals LCS Roster

One of those veteran players joining is none other than PowerOfEvil (POE). Phreak said it best earlier this year that it always seems teams tend to move away from POE even though he generally is one of the best performing players on his team. This is likely due to him being a very consistent player. While that may sound weird he may be consistent but you also always feel like you know exactly what you will get out of him. POE has a very defined playstyle and champions he excels on and while he can play them to a high level you just get the feeling he won’t ever be a true carry.

Hopefully, with this 2022 Immortals LCS Roster, he can either step into a new role or just have the pieces around him for his playstyle to truly work and allow the team to get wins. I do want to point out I am a fan of POE I think most teams are better with him on it and truly hope he can have success this year.


Immortals LCS Roster

The other veteran in question is WildTurtle! Turtle has been around quite some time and very much like POE is almost always consistent (other than last year). I think the two together have a good chance to do well and with Xerxe in the Jungle things are looking good. WildTurtle is coming off a rough year with CLG and will look to resubmit his name in the running for the top 5 Bot in the LCS. He has been around for quite some time so the experience should help in that goal.


Immortals LCS Roster

Finally the last of the three remaining players from the 2021 Immortals LCS Roster is Destiny at Support. It will interesting to see how well Destiny and WildTurtle gel but as both are veteran players I would expect things to go pretty well. Destiny overall is a solid Support but he does still have a bit of a gap between him and the very top. With any luck maybe Destiny can close that gap and help the Immortals to a good season.

What To Expect

Realistically this team is likely looking at another season around 5th to 8th. They have some solid veteran players but I’m just not sure who the real carry will be. POE is solid and WildTurtle can have his moments in the limelight but neither are likely to pop off every game. This 2022 Immortals LCS Roster has a chance to be solid with just overall team play but I really think that is their only real way at winning games.

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By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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