It’s very possible Blizzard is planning releasing new information about its Diablo II Remake during Blizzcon this year.

A Twitter user with a history of accurately leaking new game rumors has tweeted about the Diablo II Remake.

Blizzcon is Blizzard’s annual promotion event about its new upcoming video games and trailers. Of course, due to the pandemic, this year’s Blizzcon will be virtual only.

Blizzcon 2021 was expected to release more information about their upcoming Diablo 4, but getting Diablo II remake news was the icing on top. Of course, as one of Blizzard’s bread and butter titles, it’s great to see they are listening to its community.

The team behind Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remake and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Triology will be spearheading this project. That’s great news considering they have a ton of experience remaking games.

The news of Vicarious Visions being in charge of the Diablo II remake was confirmed after the studio was transferred from the Activision Publishing umbrella to a Blizzard support team.

A popular twitter user confirmed the Diablo II remake rumor earlier this week giving the hypetrain even more momentum. Kaiser499 also hinted about a new WoW classic expansion, a Hearhstone expansion, and possibly some news about Overwatch 2.

Blizzcon 2021 is set to take place tomorrow and Saturday. Blizzard has already confirmed the entire schedule of the event but didn’t want to reveal too much information about what’s being revealed.

For any Blizzard fans out there, Blizzcon 2021 is going to be a must-watch. Any new information coming from Blizzard itself is going to be super exciting. We really hope the Diablo II remake will make its way to the centerstage of Blizzcon this year.

What are your thoughts about a new Diablo II? Would you play it? Let us know in the comments below.

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