Valheim, the new smash-hit Viking game is paving it’s way to the Steam hall of fame quickly. However, the bosses can be rather challenging if you don’t prepare. We’ve put together a Valheim first boss guide to make it easier for you to slay the mighty Eikthyr.

Preparing For The Fight

When you’re getting ready to face the first Valheim boss, it’s important to prepare adequately. Before you start the fight, it’s best to bring a bow, your best arrows, and some armor. We recommend at least full leather for this fight.

The last thing you want to do is run out of arrows during the fight, so we recommend bringing at least 60 or so. Once you’re geared up, remember to triple eat. In Valheim, you’re allowed to eat three different pieces of food at a time. Some of these heal more than others, some last longer durations, and some even increase stamina.

We recommend you bring cooked neck, cooked meat, and berries/mushrooms to fight Eikthyr. This food combo should be pretty accessible early on and easy to find. This should provide you with a good chunk of health to help you in the fight.

Before you start the fight, you’ll need to summon the boss by sacrificing two deer trophies. You can get these by killing normal deer in the meadows biome. The easiest way to do this is sneak up to them in range and shoot them with a bow. They usually go down with just one arrow.

valheim first boss guide

Valheim First Boss Guide – How To Kill Eikthyr

The fight itself is pretty straightforward once you understand his mechanics. Eikthyr has three main attacks that you need to learn. He has a charged lightning strike that goes in a cone in front of him. He has an AoE attack that expands in a radius around him. He also has a fierce melee attack if you get too close.

Once you start the fight, your priority is to keep your stamina under control. Stamina management is an essential part of Valheim’s boss fights. Running, rolling, jumping, and attacking all drain stamina. It’s important to have enough stamina so you can dodge Eikthyr’s attacks.

Don’t forget to use the terrain around you. The rocks close to the summoning table are a great way to block any damage from his lightning attacks.

By staying healthy, keeping your stamina in check, and chunking the boss with your bow, you should be able to bring down the beast without too much difficulty.


After you defeat the first Valheim boss, you will unlock the hard antler. The hard antler will let you create an antler pickaxe that you can use to mine all types of new metals! That’s right, you will be able to upgrade both your weapons and armor after this fight.

We hope you enjoyed our Valheim first boss guide. Did this guide help you defeat Eikthyr? Let us know in the comments below.

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