The smash-hit Viking co-op game is getting way more love that expected.

Valheim recently shattered some Steam records, selling upwards of 3 million copies already. By the way, this all happened within a span of 17 days.

Not only are they buying it, they’re actively engaged and playing. Valheim has quickly become one of my favorite games of all time. I know it’s pretty early to give that jurisdiction, but the gameplay, crafting, and co-op frendliness is a sweet spot for me.

500,000 concurrent players is no joke. Valheim has managed to smash the previous Steam all-time charts without much effort.

Valheim tops 500,000 concurrent players

Valheim has already passed Portal and Grand Theft Auto V to become the ninth most-played game on Steam at peak. That was just the beginning. The game has now surpassed Fallout 4, Life is Strange 2, Among Us, and even Terraria to ascend to the 5th spot on the list.

Valheim still has a while to go if it wants to compete the Cyberpunk 2077 (830,000), or Dota 2/Counter-Strike (1.3m)

Of course, this isn’t out of the realm of possibility gauging by the rapid increase we’ve seen recently. It’s crazy to think there are already 3 million players playing the game! It’s so nice to see a smaller game studio go viral like this.

Valheim’s popularity was a perfect combination of randomly generated open worlds, good combat and bosses, a Minecraft-style crafting system, and of course the intense Viking setting. Not to mention, you get all of this for a measely $20 price tag. Compared to some AAA titles these days, that’s a complete steal.

The game was build by only 5 people. Luckily, it sounds like they have some big projects up their sleeve as they’re currently hiring. I would love to see the team grow as they take on bigger and more ambitious projects over time. Luckily they already have a Valheim update roadmap laid out.

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By Derek

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