Riot Games is officially announcing its coveted new League of Legends MMO based in Runeterra.

Riot created a new website specially aimed at hiring for the new League of Legends MMO. Although it seems to be in the very early stages, they are already looking for a handful of job titles including: Gameplay Engineers, Game Designers, UX Designers and more.

In December of 2020, the former World of Warcraft lead designer, Greg Street, announced he was working on the MMO from Riot Games as the lead designer. As a veteran in the industry, Greg will help steer this exciting new project in the right direction.

Riot Is Hiring For Its New League of Legends MMO 1

This ambitious new project is slated to launch alongside a slew of other games Riot is creating including League of Legends, Wild Rift and a new fighting game not yet announced.

Riot has been busy working on it’s newly released Valorant, a CS:GO/Overwatch hybrid hero shooter. Valorant has taken it’s place on among Twitch’s top 10 most watched list often.

If you’re worried about how this might impact the quality of League of Legends, don’t be. Riot Games has plenty of resources to handle everything on its plate. If anything, we expect the lore behind League will be enhanced by this new League of Legends MMO.

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