Epic Games is a name that almost every gamer knows nowadays. Being known for both Fortnite and Unreal Engine it’s not hard to see why. With all the attention comes money and with money comes an awesome HQ set in what used to be a shopping mall.

epic games new global hq

The price of the almost 1 million square foot Cary Towne Center a staggering $95 million reported by the Triangle Business Journal.

While it will be a lot more space to fill the move wont be too far for the Epic team as the new HQ is only 2 miles from their current one. Epic has has been in Cary, North Carolina for quite some time and with this buy we assume they won’t be moving anytime soon.

epic games new global hq

Having over 2,000 this Epic Games new global HQ will provide plenty of room for them to work, as well as work with the city on a $193 million sports and recreation center that had already been planned for the site. We love seeing Epic work with the city and give back where they can. Not only is it a good PR move but I’m sure the campus will attract plenty of visitors once Covid is over with.

Overall if they have the money to do so which we know they do this should be a great move. Opening up more space to grow as well as give new life to part of the city that was starting to die off should do wonders. Obviously the move wont happen overnight but we will eagerly await the reveal of the Epic Games new global HQ campus!

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