Heading into week 7 of the LCS meant we were inching closer and closer to playoffs. With so many upsets seeming to come out of nowhere and almost all the team’s play looking inconsistent, no one really knows who is going to show up on any given day. That means the LCS Player Of The Week is also very much up for grabs.

However as weird as it sounds EG has been one of the hottest and most consistent teams as of late. With good performances from pretty much everyone on the squad Danny and Jiizuke being the ones who really can have the pop-off moments. So for those of you who maybe didn’t get a chance to watch the full week 7 of the LCS you may be slightly surprised to know the player to take it home is Impact LCS Player Of The Week for week 7.

LCS Player Of The Week

If you did watch however you will not be surprised at all. While his stat line may not be the flashiest we still played very well and the third game of the week could have almost won the award by itself. EG’s first game of the week didn’t quite go as planned but the other two did and Impact showed up in both. Impact was on Renekton for all three of the games in week 7 and even ended up making LCS history by setting the highest gold lead at 10 minutes into a game. That record was 2,800 gold to put that into perspective that will buy you an entire Guardian Angel and he had that lead at 10 minutes.

Even in the loss against Golden Guardians while not dominating or anything like that he did still manage to have a +97 gold lead at 15 and be a part of %60 of his team’s kills. Renekton has been one of Impact’s signature champions throughout his long career but it definitely feels good to see him pop off once more and in such a dominating game to boot.

impact lcs player of the week

Overall if Impact can continue to have games like this. On top of the rest of EG also perform consistently then they have a good chance to place at least the top 3 in the LCS if not better. Most of the other teams in the league look a little shaky. I would personally love to see that happen but only time will tell and for now, at least Impact got his LCS Player Of The Week. Plus the team is looking good and is definitely enjoyable to watch!

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By Zach Yagle

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