Heading into week 9 of the LCS meant a ton of matches that would matter in the grand scheme of playoffs. The battle for the last playoff spot and the battle for first were two of the biggest ones of the week. Within that first-place battle sat our LCS player of the week. Naturally, it did come from the now first-place team.

Spica has performed well for TSM and has been probably the best overall player for the team all split so it seems only natural to see him get LCS player of the week. In the final week of the LCS TSM locked their regular-season win and first seeding for playoffs, and while only two real games were played he performed well in both not dying in either.

lcs player of the week

TSM did largely win that battle for first based on vision control and objective dominance. While that isn’t solely the junglers job a large portion of that does fall of Spica. He and the team behind him did really well to play slow around their small advantages. His pure mechanical skills were also on full display as he managed to dodge pretty much any attempt at an engagement from 100 Thieves.

lcs player of the week

Overall TSM looked great in their last week and that has to get every TSM fan excited going into playoffs. Spica does seem to be a big part of the leadership within TSM and if he can continue to play well it will for sure help the team as a whole keep at a high level of play. If nothing else we at least know he is a better jungler than Huni as well.

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