Week 6 of the LCS summer split brought many more changes. Roster changes have been aplenty but not many people would look to said changes for a possible player of the week. The only names that would come to mind for most would be Abbedagge and Alphari.

However, with a FlyQuest team struggling hard a trade was made from one bottom team to another. Licorice was sent over to Golden Guardians and showed up looking like the Licorice of late. While some people thought the change of scenery could help Licorice I don’t think anyone quite expected how good he would look in just his first week with his new team. He played so well Licorice LCS player of the week became a thing.

licorice lcs player of the week

Pulling out 3 solo kills on the 2-1 week was very impressive even more so considering who GG went up against. TSM, TL, and 100T all made that list of opponents and most would be quick to say those teams have some of the better top laners within the LCS.

Not only did Licorice look good within his first week with the Golden Guardians but the whole team looks so much better as well. With this 2-1 weekend a playoff birth is a real possibility. GG will need all the wins they can get and maybe a little help from FlyQuest to earn that playoff spot but with how they are looking I think if GG can make it into the playoffs they have a chance to make some noise. Especially if the Licorice LCS player of the week shows up consistently.

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By Zach Yagle

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