After a rough start to the Summer Split, FlyQuest decided to trade away Licorice and move up the entire FlyQuest Academy roster to play in the LCS. While the Academy team had been playing well you could assume no one really expected them to do all that much but definitely not to go 3-0 on the weekend, yet here we are.

While the FlyQuest Academy team didn’t have the toughest weekend with both CLG and Immortals on the schedule Cloud9 while not looking the best is still tied for 3rd. We shouldn’t try and take away anything from the 3-0 however as not only was it the first 3-0 for FlyQuest in quite some time but the team looked good in all three games as well.

With all that being said let’s take a closer at that FlyQuest Academy team. Ziqing “Kumo” Zhao in the top lane does have some previous experience in the LCS but is trying to show a better performance this time around. Xin “Nxi” Dinh is very new to both the LCS and even Academy. Nxi just a year ago made his way through the scouting grounds and has already made his debut in the LCS. Nxi could very well end up having a great career in the future.

FlyQuest Academy

From very new to new in NA. Triple is the man in the mid lane and while he is new to the LCS Triple has in fact been playing professional League for quite some time. Triple was asked to join his first team all the way back in season 4 and spent a good amount of time in OCE. Triple should also definitely be considered as a player who could make a bigger splash in the LCS in the splits to come.

FlyQuest Academy

Finally, we have the bottom lane of the FlyQuest Academy. Tomo and Diamond are two players who differ vastly in experience. Tomo essentially started his career in 2019 while Diamond has been around professional League since 2012. Diamond could very well help Tomo become a really good ADC simply due to his knowledge of the game.

FlyQuest Academy

The whole FlyQuest Academy team look so good together and I love watching their playstyle of just fight fight fight. I truly hope the team can continue to play as well as they did this past week. Their competition will be much harder this week facing three opponents who might just be the three best teams in the LCS right now. While I don’t expect another 3-0 I could see the FlyQuest Academy boys picking up at least one win this weekend. I for one will definitely be excited to watch all three of the games and in general just enjoy watching this team.

If you are struggling to keep up with all the other roster moves in the LCS don’t worry we are too but to make it easier check out our LCS Roster Changes page. As always be sure to catch all of the LCS games here.

By Zach Yagle

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