Tis’ the season for the VR headsets. Oculus just recently released their Oculus Quest 2 and have added some cool new features. JVCKenwood is making a splash with their new XR headset with some impressive features and specs.

JVC’s prototype will have a spectacular 2.5k per-eye resolution. That’s nuts! Not only that, the headset will include a 120-degree FOV for intense levels of immersion and realism.

Using SteamVR tracking, JVC’s new VR headset will be able to take of advantage of any compatible controllers. That’s right, you’ll be able to use your Vive wands or Valve Index controllers with it.

Of course, with these specs, you should expect a price tag on the higher end. JVC is targeting enterprise and simulator enthusiast markets with this bad boy.

Mogura tells us that JVC’s new headset will boast optics that resemble Oppo’s new AR glasses. Of course, it this headset will have much better FOV and resolution.

JVC has made the bold claim that their new XR headset will be able to display “clear images without the screen door effect you see through a traditional lens-type display.” This is a rather bold claim, but we’re going to hold JVC to their word. If this is true, we’re all in for a treat.

JVC’ headset will be unique and won’t be targeting the every day VR gamer. However, we’re always excited to see new VR headset creators join the battle. Competition is always a good thing, right?

Are you excited for JVC’s new XR headset? Let us know in the comments below.

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