League of Legends Champion Pool

Many people rarely think too in-depth about their League Of Legends champion pool but it might just be something that’s holding them back. Narrowing in on a few champions to perform key roles can be vital to you climbing in solo queue. Assuming you’re not a fresh level 1 player you probably have a decent idea of a few champions you enjoy playing. If you are level 1 the best thing you can do is just play get to know what role you think and which types of champions you do then come back.

Ideally, you will want to look to have a champion pool of about 5 covering both supportive and carry playstyles. You do very much want to be able to play both styles as well. Being able to adapt to your teams’ composition can do a great deal to give you the best chance to win the game.

Now obviously depending on the patch some picks are better than others, but especially at lower ranks that doesn’t always matter. Not many champions are unplayable and with a large knowledge base for a champion you can work around that. With that being said I’m going to give a couple picks for each role that are generally pretty good in every patch.

Top Lane

Top lane is generally made up of more bruisers and or tanks. With plenty of different play styles, there’s a lot to choose from. Top also will often have counter picks. What’s important to remember is that just because someone picks a counter doesn’t mean they automatically win. Understanding how they counter you or vice versa can help you change the matchup back in your favor.

Tank Top: Ornn – Ornn is generally a good pick in almost any patch. What he offers in item value alone can be massive in the late game. Add to that great engage and generally tankiness and he becomes a great choice in your League of Legends champion pool.

League of Legends champion pool

Carry Top: Camille – Camille is a hyper carry that can be super fun to play. While Camille does have a few solid counters in Shen and Malphite if played correctly and allowed to scale she becomes a beast who can solo carry games.

League of Legends champion pool


Jungle is full of all different types of champions. The main difference’s are in if you’re wanting to farm until late or gank for lanes early. Again having a least one or two of both is always nice. While Jungle still does have some counters, you gain most of your advantages in your pathing and understanding how to do your job better than the other Jungler.

Farming/Carry Jungler: Graves – Graves is a great marksman Jungler. While ganking isn’t his strongest point he can farm really well and become a hyper-carry for late-game very easily. He also isn’t even that bad with early fights, allowing players to be able to do a bit of ganking early if needed as well.

League of Legends champion pool

Ganking/Supportive Jungler: Nunu and Willump – Nunu is a great jungler for both newer players and old. With great clear speeds and gank potential he’s another great pick for your League of Legends champion pool.

League of Legends champion pool

Mid Lane

Mid lane brings assassins and control mages to the table. Mid is another lane more reliant on counter picks. Assassins are generally more of those counter picks. Having a good pool of control mages then a pocket assassin is always a nice idea. Roaming can always be huge if you choose to go with champions with that option.

Control Mage: Oriana – Oriana is viable in essentially every meta and patch. With plenty of utility and the ability to go even in almost every matchup, Ori is a great pick to have in your League of Legends champion pool.

League of Legends champion pool

Assassin/damage Mage: Syndra – Syndra like Ori is a champion seen in almost every meta. With a great ultimate that can delete people, it’s not hard to see why. Syndra also has a pretty good laning phase as well.

League of Legends champion pool

Bottom Lane

The bottom lane will often bring you and ADC and even sometimes a Mage. While you can see mages in the bot lane every once in a while I don’t believe it’s optimal. The biggest difference in ADC’s is if they are utility or more damage focused. Always a good idea to have a mix of both.

Utility ADC: Ashe – Ashe is a great utility ADC. With a stun, slow, and ability to give vision, she brings a lot to the table besides just damage.

League of Legends champion pool

Damage ADC: Jhin – While Jhin does also bring some forms of cc they are a lot less impactful. His main focus is damage and boy does he do it well.

League of Legends champion pool


Support are often either tanks or mages. Most mages that are played support are highly utility or cc focused. Again a mix of both is always good depending on your teams competition. Generally your job is to support your team the best way you can. If that means playing front line a tank will be your best option. While other times you want shields and cc from mages.

Mage Support: Lulu – A truly great mage support. Tons of cc and shielding make her great alongside hyper carries and just in general to have apart of your League of Legends champion pool.

League of Legends champion pool

Tank Support: Thresh – Thresh can be a great playmaker and front line. Thresh is a great champion to engage on and get in the face of the enemy.

League of Legends champion pool

Overall your League of Legends champion pool can only be made by you. There are plenty of champions to choose from but the best bet is to pick some of your favorites and play them. Getting to know your champion inside and out can offer a great deal within the game. Knowing exactly how an interaction works can be the difference in winning and losing.

Hopefully we helped you better understand how and why you need to narrow down your League of Legends champion pool. League is a massive game with so many mechanics sometimes people forget to just slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

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