Earlier today a tweet from TSM confirms that Huni joins TSM for the 2021 season. This becomes the second big-name signing in just a week with SwortArt being the other. Huni should need no introduction as he has been to worlds with three different regions including LCS, LEC, and LCK. But enjoy TSM’s video all the same.

Now to be fair Huni hasn’t been the most consistent in recent years. But I feel that there is still plenty of great play to be had from him. TSM is a great org to be on and hopefully, Huni can match well with the team. ADC still isn’t confirmed for TSM although Lost has been a name that is floating around.

I for one hope we get old Huni who just stomps everyone. TSM could also very well play through top with POE, Spica, and Huni. Chemistry will mean a lot but if they can work well together I think playing through the top side will be the way to go. Someone has to be the next Bjersen and Huni seems like he could fit that role perfectly.

Huni joins TSM

TSM is essentially a whole new team for the first time in a while. There is no telling how good or bad they will be and I feel only time will tell. Be sure to keep up with the rest of the LCS roster changes 2021, where you can see things like Huni joins TSM and many more additions from every team.

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By Zach Yagle

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