Pimax has gained a reputation for experimenting with cutting-edge headsets that play with the best technology available in VR headsets. Pimax has launched their “5K” super VR headset that was shown as a prototype earlier this year.

The new Pimax 5k Super headset is getting marketed as a hardware refresh for the 5K plus that launched a couple years ago. Back then, 2560 x 1440 per eye was an astounding achievement. Not only that, they managed to pull off a 144Hz refresh rate and a 200-degree FoV. Although the price tag was a leg up on some of it’s competitors, the company was defintely turning some heads when it came to impressive specs.

The new headset is available on Pimax’s website for a whopping $750. Although this price point is a little steep for some, the impresive technical specs might warrant a purchase from those willing to call themselves enthusiasts.

SpecsPimax5k PlusPimax 5K Super
Per-Eye Resolution2,560 x 1,4402,560 x 1,440
FoV200 degree200 degree
Refresh Rate144HzUp to 180Hz

One thing to note, the new Super variant also includes a Modular Audio Strap, Pimax comfort kit facial padding, and a nose guard to prevent light leakage.

pimax 5k super vr headset

As long as you have the beast of a PC required to support these new refresh rates, the new Pimax 5k Super headset looks like a super fun time. These higher refresh rates always lead to smoother experiences. For instance, the Oculus Quest 2 just got a 90Hz refresh rate update that changed the game for many VR lovers.

All Pimax headsets are compatible with Steam 1,0 or 2.0 tracking beacons. If you’re going with the $750 route, these will have to be purchased seperately. However, Pimax is offering a $1,250 bundle tha tincludes two Steam 2.0 base stations and two Valve Index controllers.

Pimax has also added a bonus new software they call the “Pimax VR Experience” that makes it easier than ever to launch any VR titles with one button. the software automatically optimizses everything needed to get your Pimax headset up and running with the best settings.

Are you excited to get your hands on the new Pimax 5k Super headset? Let us know in the comments below.

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