Now if you’re a fan of horror and ghost you’ve probably already seen this plenty of times. Ghost hunters often go to spooky prisons around the world to see what they can find. A Phasmophobia prison level just seems right, who doesn’t want to explore an abandoned prison with their friends.

In another tweet Kinetic described the Prison as “medium” whereas Asylum would be described as “large”

I think overall the “medium” size is ideal. In Asylum the long-drawn-out hallways can kill the vibe to some degree while the smaller maps can have you running over each other.

Phasmophobia prison level

While there are plenty of guesses of what could be going into the Phasmophobia prison level, we are going to wait until we have more information. We are still very excited about a new map and are really happy Phasmophobia is doing so well! If you want to keep up to date with all the things planned for Phasmophobia you can check out their Trello roadmap.

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