We’ve all been asking for it for years. Riot Games has decided they would grant our wish and create a League of Legends MMO based in Runeterra, the mythical land they’ve built up over the years in deep, exciting lore.

Riot Games is most famous for its wildly successful League of Legends. League took the gaming community by storm over eight years ago. The MOBA has become the most played game on the planet. Not only did League of Legends become immensely popular, but the game has also become the world’s most-played eSport.

Although League of Legends is a super successful game, Riot Games has recently started expanding its influence in the gaming world. They’ve recently published Valorant, a first-person ability shooter. They’ve also created Teamfight Tactics, a new digital card game and they recently revealed an upcoming fighting game. That’s not all, though. They’re now working on an action-RPG and a MMO.

league of legends mmo

Greg Street, an employee at Riot has been tasked with expanding the League of Legends universe with an exicting, “massive” project. As a huge fan of League of Legends and MMOs, I would welcome a League-based MMO with open arms. Knowing that Riot has been known to produce high-quality content, this annoucement has quickly made it the top of my list for games I can’t wait to play.

Although I’m not super knowledgable about the lore of Runeterra, I know there are many, many hyper passionate fans that can’t wait to see the world brought to life. When a new champion is released in League of Legends, they have a backstory that relates to their role in the world of Runeterra. Over the years, the League of Legends’ story has been fleshed out to become more complete and interesting. I can’t think of a better way to incorporate what they’ve built than to tie it all together with a League of Legends MMO.

Greg Street will be spearheading this project. He has experience as a lead systems designer for World of Warcraft, so it’s safe to say he’s no noob to MMOs. With Greg and his talented team at Riot tackling this project, we know the game will have a great foundation. As you can imagine, there will be no shortage of money to create the game. Riot Games is huge and its reputation is not something they want to jeopardize.

There were rumors about a League of Legends MMO that got shut down not too long ago. Many of us were disappointed by the news, but it appears Riot Games has had a shift of heart. Of course, this project is probably in the early stages of development. We’re all hoping for a teaser trailer sometime soon.

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