Rocket League Season 2 Breakdown

Rocket League Season 2

Rocket League season 2 is set to come out on December 9 and there’s plenty to be excited about! With a new rocket pass, competitive season plus rewards for this past season, anthems, and new items. Season 2 looks to be based around music quite a bit which should make for some fun items I believe.

Rocket Pass

Something everyone should be used to by now is the season pass that is essentially in all games now. I for one have always been a fan of the season pass’s in this case the Rocket Pass because it’s totally optional and gives you something to work toward. The new pass will have 70+ tiers of unique rewards as well as a brand new car the “R3MX.”

Rocket League Season 2

The Rocket Pass Premium will be 1,000 credits and offer painted, certified, and special edition versions of items you unlock in the normal Rocket Pass. Another great thing about these items is they will be tradable!


Anthems are going to be added on the release of season 2. Anthems are going to be another cool way to customize your whole set up. Anthems will allow you to play a song any time you score, get an epic save, or win MVP. There will be 5 songs to chose from as soon as we get into season 2 with that number growing along the way.

Rocket League Season 2

You will able to unlock new player anthems through things like the Rocket Pass which will have free and premium tracks. There will also be opportunities to unlock them through challenges and the item shop. Anthems will also have the same rarity as other items.

New Items

While we don’t know exactly what the new items will be, we know a lot will be music based. With some even moving to the music. From the pictures, we can see the items do look pretty cool. We are excited to be able to check out all the items and want to know your favorites when they eventually come out in Rocket League season 2.

Rocket League season 2

In Other News

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