The RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework has been a long time coming and has had an incredible release! The Wildy is alive again for now and the boss drops have us super excited as well! Let’s take a deeper look into what all the RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework really entails and what wonderful goodies we can get if we dare to brave the task of taking them down.

First off all of the RuneScape wilderness bosses that were reworked are in multi-combat areas. This will not only make it possible for you to enjoy the bosses with your friends but also for pking groups to come after you. Ironman accounts are more than welcome to join in on the fun as they will still be eligible for a share of the loot as long as they’re contributing.

To get into the boss lairs each person will have to pay a 50k fee, that number will decrease by 10k for every boss kill. Jagex claims to be doing this as a way to reduce “disruptive behaviour”. The good news is if you do happen to die to the boss and not a pker your loot will be claimable at a gravestone just outside of the lair entrance.


The first of the three Bosses in the RuneScape wilderness boss rework Callisto! Callisto’s Den is the furthest into the wilderness of any of the bosses and is filled with traps. Generally, you’ll want to prayer protect range and run around avoiding the traps while attacking Callisto with range. Callisto isn’t without any other tricks, however. As you progress into the fight Callisto will start to become enraged and try just that much harder to kill you.

RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework

Callisto is getting two new very interesting drops in the “Claws of Callisto” and “Voidwaker Hilt”. The claws are used in conjunction with a Viggora’s Chainmace to create the Ursine Chainmace! The Ursine Chainmace acts exactly as the Viggora’s Chainmace but does have a +4 crush bonus and the special attack “Bear Down”. Bear down uses %50 special attack energy and will not only hit the enemy with double accuracy but upon a successful hit will also deal 20 damage over 6 seconds. If that wasn’t enough the special attack will also prevent running for 3.6 seconds and drop the target’s agility level by 20.


The next boss of the RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework is Vet’ion! Vet’ion’s Rest is just south of Lava Dragon Isle and houses the big skeleton. Vet’ion has three main mechanics in the fight, shield raise, hellhounds, and orange mode. Whenever Vet’ion raises his shield will want to stop attacking as the shield works as a deflect. Next hellhounds will spawn in order to protect Vet’ion, you must kill the hellhounds while dodging attacks from Vet’ion before moving back to the boss. Finally, whenever Vet’ion loses all his health he will morph into his orange mode. When in the orange mode Vet’ion will have lower defence but an increased max hit and faster attack speed.

RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework

Vet’ion’s two new drops are the “Skull of Vet’ion” and the “Voidwaker blade”. The Skull of Vet’ion is used with the Thammaron’s sceptre to create the new and improved Accursed sceptre! The Accursed Sceptre offers a +7 magic attack bonus over Thammaron’s and also gets a special attack. The special attack “Condemn” uses %50 of the special attack energy and hits the enemy with a %50 accuracy bonus. The attack also drains the target’s Defence and Magic by up to %15.


The third and final boss in the RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework is the massive spider matriarch Venenatis. Her “Silk Chasm” is extremely close to the dark crab teleport and houses her and all her children. Those children of hers will spawn throughout the fight and stop at nothing to attack you and drain your prayer. Venenatis herself will try and stay at distance and hit you with both Ranged and Magic attacks. If you do get in Melee distance of Venenatis be careful of her web attack.

RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework

Like the other two Venenatis has two new drops of her own, the “Fangs of Venenatis” and “Voidwaker Gem”. The fangs are like the other drops and are also used with one of the older wildy weapons this one being the Craw’s Bow. The Webweaver Bow has a +10 range attack bonus and a special attack called “Swarm”. Swarm consumes %50 of the special attack energy bar and hits the target four times in succession with increased accuracy, each dealing up to 40% of the player’s max hit. All four shots also have a chance to poison the target starting at 4 damage.


Now for all those drops we haven’t talked about quite yet. The Voidwaker is made up of three different pieces, with each piece being dropped by one of the 3 bosses apart of the RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework. The three pieces, Voidwaker Blade, Voidwaker Hilt, and Voidwaker Gem can all be brought to Madam Sikaro in the Ferox Enclave Dungeon along with 500k to create the blade.

RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework

Voidwaker itself is essentially OSRS’s version of the Korasi’s sword having pretty much the exact same purpose and stats as when the sword was released. Overall we are loving the RuneScape Wilderness Boss Rework. The wilderness truly seems to be filled with Pvmers and Pkers alike. We are sure there will be some great Runelite plugins to come out focusing on these bosses but until they do be sure to check out our Top 5 Runelite Plugins Everyone Should Have.

By Zach Yagle

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