It’s exciting to show you guys the new Samsung VR headset patent. VR headsets have always had a funky design that usually includes straps, headphones, and weird lenses. However, they’re all followed a pretty similar looking pattern. Samsung has decided to switch it up and pursue “bug-eyed” looking lenses for its latest patented headset design.

Samsung VR New Weird Headset Design 1
Samsung’s new VR headset patent

Following the well-received Samsung Odyssey+, Samsung shows no signs of slowing down on the XR front. They are one of the many companies hard at work developing next-gen headsets. We’ve seen teasers of Oculus’ half dome projects but Samsung and other XR headset manufacturers have mostly kept us in the dark on their advancements.

We’re assuming the new insectoid design is the result of an entirely new lensing design aimed to improve clarity and optics. There appear to be four optical sensors under the faceplate. Samsung’s Odyssey product line only has two sensors but in similar locations. The new design uses similar straps to the already existing Samsung headsets.

It’s speculation at the point if Samsung will continue with production on this patented design. For the sake of coolness, I would love this to be a real headset. It should be noted that the patent was filed on 1/3/2019 so it’s hard to tell the likelihood of this becoming a tangible headset. However, It’s nice to see VR still going strong and growing every day.

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