We love all things horror here at Gamescotur. 2022 was already a pretty great year for horror but with our Top 5 Upcoming Horror Games 2023, we should be in good hands this year too. While we know there are plenty of great remakes also set to come out in 2023 we will keep this list to new games. Don’t worry we will revisit the Top 5 Horror Game Remakes 2023 as well. If there is a game you think we missed and should be on this list be sure to let us know over on our Twitter!

5. Sons of the Forest

Upcoming Horror Games 2023

A long-awaited sequel to the hit game The Forest, Sons of the Forest is set to come out on February 23rd. Very similar to The Forest Sons of the Forest will see us return to the caves and forest around them. Focus on growing your own food and building a camp to help protect yourself from the hoard of terrifying humanoid creatures that will hunt you. Like many, we absolutely loved The Forest and can’t wait to see what this new chapter in the story will have in store for us.

4. Abandoned

Upcoming Horror Games 2023

Abandoned is a game that has had a fair bit of controversy around it already. With that being said the premise behind the game does sound rather interesting. The game itself is said to be a survival horror game with a “real-time” companion app that will in theory intensify the level of immersion and therefore scariness of the game. We don’t really know too much more about the game than just that. Even a release date is still yet to be set, but with such an interesting concept we felt we had to put Abandoned on our Top 5 Upcoming Horror Games 2023.

The game has been delayed more than once but is still said to be coming out “when it’s ready” so hopefully, that is true only time will tell.

3. Silent Hill F

Upcoming Horror Games 2023

After such a letdown with P.T., we finally got to hear from Konami about the Silent Hill franchise again. During a stream event in October 2022, we were made aware of a few different projects within the franchise with the one we are most excited about being the game called Silent Hill F. The game will be a bit different than most of the franchise as the game is going to take place within an area of Japan and not actually in the town of Silent Hill.

Will this be a good move for the series? Only time will tell but the fact we are getting another Silent Hill game after so long means Silent Hill F was a guarantee for our Top 5 Upcoming Horror Games 2023. While we await the release date for Silent Hill F be sure to check out our Top 5 Horror Games You Should Revisit a list that already features Silent Hill 2!

2. Ad Infinitum

Upcoming Horror Games 2023

Ad Infinitum is set to release in April 2023 and will place you in the role of a German soldier during World War 1. The first-person psychological horror games will tackle some real-world horrors like PTSD. Obviously, PTSD isn’t something to be taken lightly and we hope the game handles it with grace. Delusions and flashbacks featuring horrific creatures and unexplainable occurrences are said to play a large part in the horror of the game.

1. Alan Wake 2

Upcoming Horror Games 2023

Finally, on our Top 5 Upcoming Horror Games 2023 list we have Alan Wake 2! While the original Alan Wake didn’t really fully delve into horror it did take a peak into it while still mainly being a shooter. Alan Wake 2 however is said to be jumping all in on survival horror territory. Alan wake was already a great game and with Remedy Entertainment’s ability to make a great atmosphere and a solid combat system Alan Wake 2 will hopefully be another great horror game in 2023!

2023 looks like it should be a good year for horror games, with some interesting concepts and great sequels coming out it looks like we are in good hands. Be sure to check out our Top 5 Horror Remakes 2023 as well, some classics are getting remade and you never want to miss out on those either!

By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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